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Setting Up with a BlackVue B-124X Ultra Battery Pack

Compatible with All BlackVue Dash Cams

Setting Up a BlackVue B-124X Ultra Battery

The BlackVue B-124X Power Magic Ultra is a battery pack from Blackvue for supporting your BlackVue dash cams and their parking mode recording features. The B-124X provides extended parking-mode duration, eliminates the wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s battery and is an alternative to hardwiring in general.

With a large 76.8 Wh capacity, the BlackVue B-124X provides about 20-30 hours of power for a BlackVue one-channel device and about 15-20 hours for a BlackVue dual-channel device. The large range of duration is dependent on which dash cam is being used - for example the BlackVue DR590W has low power consumption while the BlackVue DR900S has high power consumption.

Installation with the BlackVue B-124X Ultra Battery Pack will be very similar to the procedures with the Cellink NEO Battery.

While the BlackVue B-124X Ultra Battery Pack and Cellink NEO Battery are different in name, their features and functions are essentially the same. Stay tuned for our review of the BlackVue B-124X.

Installation Details

For more information on general hardwire installation with your dash cam, please learn more in our step-by-step battery installation guide.

The B-124X can be hardwired to the vehicle’s fusebox, but can also draw power simply from the vehicle’s cigarette socket. In either scenario, because the BlackVue B-124X battery does not draw power when the car is off, there is no wear-and-tear on the vehicle's battery. Using a dash cam battery pack is the best way to use your dash cam.

The large range of duration is dependent on which dash cam is being used. See below:


BlackVue DR590W Series
DR590W-1CH: 35 Hours
DR590W-2CH: 22 Hours

BlackVue DR750S Series
DR750S-1CH: 30 Hours
DR750S-2CH: 20 Hours

BlackVue DR900S Series
DR900S-1CH: 26 Hours
DR900S-2CH: 16 Hours


Thinkware FA200
FA200-1CH: 40 Hours
FA200-2CH: 30 Hours

Thinkware F770
F770-1CH: 28 Hours
F770-2CH: 21 Hours

Thinkware F800 Pro
F800 Pro-1CH: 46.1 Hours
F800 Pro-2CH: 30 Hours


X9-2CH: 25 Hours

Hardwire Installation Method

As mentioned in our step-by-step battery hardwiring guide, if you are hardwiring the BlackVue B-124X, you will be using a Power Input Hardwire Cable.

If hardwiring the B-124X, there are two wires that need to be connected - one goes to an ACC (ignition-switched) fuse while the other goes to a ground bolt. When the car is on, the ACC fuse turns on and powers the B-124X while being driven.

When the car switches off, the ACC fuse turns off and thus power draw from the B-124X stop as well. A full charge from empty, if hardwired, takes about 45 minutes.

Power Input Hardwire Cable

Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) Method

If connecting the B-124X to the vehicle’s cigarette socket, the B-124X will only draw power when this socket has power. Almost all cigarette sockets power off when the car is off but there are a small percentage of vehicles that do not (some brands of domestic vehicles).

In cases like this, please note that there is no voltage cutoff protection built into the B-124X and thus you will need to unplug the 12V adapter that goes to the cigarette socket. A full charge from empty, if using the cigarette socket, takes about 90 minutes.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Socket (Female)

One More Thing...

Your dash cam will also come with a cigarette lighter socket (female). This is to connect your dash cam to your battery to get power to it. The CLA and Hardwiring Kit above are for connecting your battery to your vehicle.

For More Power, Try an Expansion Pack

If you want even more power, make sure to check out the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery Expansion Pack B-124E, which is an extended battery pack that is connected to the regular BlackVue B-124X. The B-124E doubles the total power capacity and offers the maximum protection.

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