Dash Cam Battery Pack

Dash Cam Battery Packs

Get the Most Power Out of Your Dash Cam!

Dash Cam Battery Packs

Like the traditional hardwiring kits, dash cam battery packs are for users who want to take advantage of parking mode equipped dash cams. Powered by LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), battery packs are perfect for people that park for longer periods of time where the vehicle's battery alone is not enough. Need help installing? Start here.

1) Battery Discharge Protection

It can be hardwired just like a Power Magic Pro, and used just like one. It either uses the car battery to a certain threshold, then switches to its internal battery, or vice versa.

2) Easy, Versatile Installation

It can be plugged into the cigarette lighting jack to power the dash cam and charge the battery while driving, and allow parking mode via the battery pack alone when your vehicle ignition is off.

3) More Power

With the battery pack's lifespan ranging from 12-72 hours (depending on the model), it can even be charged at home, and put into the car to power the dash cam when the car is off for 'parking mode'.

By combining multiple battery packs (Battery Pack + Extended Battery Pack), you can double or even triple the length of parking mode out of your dash cam. Our Dash Cam Product Experts are here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any installation questions. We can't wait to see you have your silent witness on board.