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Dash Cam Accessories Hub

Accessories you need to get the most out of your dash cam

Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Dash Cam

Find the dash cam accessories you need to take your dash cam to the next level. Here at BlackboxMyCar, we offer our customers a variety of different accessories, cables, add-ons and mounts for your current wi-fi dashboard camera to ensure your device works at its best. Find what you need below:

Battery Packs

CPL Filter


Tamper-Proof Case

Aqua Shield

SD Cards

General Accessories

Battery Packs

Learn about dash cam battery packs: Enhancing your camera's power capacity for extended recording, especially in parking mode.

For installation, check out our Dash Cam Installation Hub or shop at our battery pack collection.

What are Battery Packs?

Maximize your parking mode protection

Battery Packs vs Power Banks

Can't I just use a power bank?

Battery Pack Comparisons

Differences between our battery packs

Expansion Packs

What are dash cam battery expansion packs?

CPL Filter

Discover the role of CPL filters in dash cams, reducing glare and reflections for clearer, more detailed video quality. Shop at our CPL filter collection.

What are CPL Filters?

Designed to reduce glare & reflections to improve your visibility

Hardwiring Cables & Kits

Dive into the essentials of hardwiring kits for dash cams: A comprehensive solution for constant power supply and enabling advanced features like parking mode.

For installation, check out our Dash Cam Installation Hub or shop at our hardwiring kit collection.

Hardwiring Installation

Complete installation guide

Add-a-Fuse Installation

How add-a-fuse works

OBD-II Power Cable

Explore the use of OBD-II power cables for dash cams: A simple solution for powering your camera directly from the car's onboard diagnostics port.

For installation, check out our Dash Cam Installation Hub or shop OBD-II power cables.

What is an OBD-II cable?

Easy plug-and-play solution

OBD Power Cable Install

Complete installation guide

IROAD OBD-II Power Cable Install

Complete installation guide

Tamper-Proof Case

Understanding dash cam tamper-proof cases: A vital accessory for protecting your camera and ensuring the security of your recorded footage. Shop tamper-proof cases.

What are Tamper Proof Cases?

Designed to keep your camera safe and secure from break-ins

Aqua Shield & More

Learn about the Aqua Shield for dash cams: Enhancing visibility and protection against water and snow to maintain clear recording in all weather conditions. Shop Aqua Shield for dash cams.

Applying an Aqua Shield

Designed to improve your visbility through rain, snow and more

MicroSD Cards & Storage

Understanding microSD cards for dash cams: Key insights into choosing the right storage capacity and type for reliable and efficient footage recording. Shop MicroSD cards.

MicroSD Cards

Everything you need to know about maximizing your storage