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Here at BlackboxMyCar we’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service that far excels your expectations. Whether you have a question about a product, accessory, installation, or further research into choosing the best dash cam, feel free to reach out and contact us. Having a properly installed dash cam is important, and we can help you ensure yours is at its best.

Over the years we’ve noticed that many of our customers reach out to us looking for answers to some common questions. This is why we’ve developed a list of 21 frequently asked questions, and included thorough answers. Find yourself wondering, "What kind of quality should I expect? How does the GPS work? Or where do videos get recorded?"" Refer to our FAQ page for immediate results.

If you have questions not seen on our FAQ page, or aren’t satisfied with the answer you received, reach out to us! Contact us toll free, or through the online response form below and you’ll receive an email response shortly!

Please Note: We do not warranty or provide after-sales support for anyone who did not purchase their G1W from BlackboxMyCar, please refer to this post here for clarification. We do not sell, distribute, or manufacture any G1W devices sold on Amazon as "Black Box". Please contact your original seller for troubleshooting or warranty inquiries.

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