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Everyday Heroes 10% Off Discount

For your hardwork & dedication to our country, we thank you

Thank you for your service

For all your hardwork, dedication and patriotism, we at BlackboxMyCar say Thank You. Your service to our country and community means so much, and for those same reasons, we would like to offer you an exclusive discount.

Educator's 10% Off Discount

We also have an Educator's 10% OFF offer for the heroes in the education system. Visit our Educator's 10% OFF page to see if you qualify.

Who's Eligible?

This offer is exclusive to Military Personnel and Veterans, Police Officers, Fire-Rescue, EMS/Paramedics, CBP Agents, Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Home Caregivers, Pharmacists and Hospital Workers.

Find One Today

Already have a dash cam installed in your vehicle? Perhaps you would like a dash cam in your spouse’s, kids’ or parents’ car so you know they are protected even if you can’t be there with them?

How to Claim Your Code

1. Find your perfect dash cam

If you're new to dash cams, then look at our New Buyer's Guide. And we'll show you how easy it is to install as well. Or if you already have a dash cam, you can look through our dash cam accessories guide.

We have the latest 4K dash cams as well as dash cams for motorcycles. Not sure which dash cam best fit your needs? Talk to us, we got you!

2. Contact us for your code

To claim your code, please include your full name & proof of identification (see below), contact us via our contact form.

We can also set up a custom invoice for you too over our phone, live chat or email.

Valid Proofs of Identification

  • Valid Military ID: Military ID number if you're an Active Military personnel. Alternatively, you can send us an email from your occupational email account as verification.
  • Valid Veteran Identification: Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC), a Department of Defense (DOD) Identification Card, or a state-issued driver's license or ID with a Veterans designation.
  • Valid Badge Number: Badge number if you're currently serving in the Police Force, Homeland Security, Corrections, Fire Department, etc.
  • Valid Emergency Medical Personnel Registry Number: Emergency Medical Personnel Registry Number if you're currently a EMS/Paramedic, etc.
  • Valid Hospital Worker Identification Number: Medical staff ID card or a hospital staff ID card

Terms and Conditions

The Everyday Hero 10% Discount is an ongoing offer exclusive to Military Personnel and Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMS/Paramedics, Healthcare Professionals, Customs and Border Agents. Identification proof may be required. This is a one-time discount offer that can be used on one order, no minimum purchase requirement. Offer may not be combined with any ongoing sale, promotion, discount, coupon, vouchers and/or offer. Offer has no cash value and cannot be sold or otherwise bartered.

Your Trusted Dash Cam Shop

We know that your breaks are precious - you want to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, not sitting at home waiting for the dash cam delivery. So why not let us take care of it all for you. Contact us today and we will have your discount ready for you at checkout and we will work with our delivery courier to make sure you get your new dash cam in as little time as possible.