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Dash Cam Support Guide Hub

Here at BlackboxMyCar, we strive to provide you with the best support and resources to ensure a smooth experience with your dash cam. Whether you're new to dash cams or an experienced user, our Dash Cam Support Guide is here to help you every step of the way.

1. General Installation Guides

Discover our recommended ways on how to install your dash cam, from 12V CLA, OBD, Hardwiring, and using a Battery Pack. Do it efficiently, and do it discreetly.

Dash Cam Installation Guide

Find out different ways to install & power a Dash Cam

Discreet Setup Guide

How to mount your dash cam & hide wires

Installing with a Battery Pack

Battery pack installation location & wiring guide

Installing a Rear Camera

Learn how to install your dash cam rear camera

Wire Splicing Guide

Find out how to connect wires together

2. Vehicle-Specific Installation

Need help in installing a dash cam to various vehicle types? Our Vehicle Installation Guide will provide the hacks and tips to make the job easier for you.

Electric Vehicles

Dash cam installation optimized for electric vehicle compatibility

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid-specific dash cam setup for seamless integration

SUV & Hatchback

Dash cam solutions tailored for SUVs and hatchbacks' unique needs

Pickup Truck

Easy-to-follow dash cam installation guides for pick-up trucks

Box Trucks & Exterior Wiring

Durable exterior wiring solutions specifically for box trucks

3. Smartphone App

Our dash cams have dedicated smartphone apps where you can connect via Wi-Fi to stream, download, and share your video footage. You can also configure settings, while enjoying features such as Cloud Connectivity. Learn how to connect with our Smartphone App guides here.

BlackVue App Guide

BlackVue SIM Card Setup Guide

For all BlackVue LTE models

Thinkware CONNECTED App Guide

For Thinkware U3000 and Q1000 models

Ultimate Thinkware Dash Cam Link Guide

For Thinkware U3000, Q1000, F200 Pro, F70 Pro models

Thinkware Cloud App Guide

For Thinkware U1000, Q800 Pro and earlier models

VIOFO App Guide

For VIOFO A139 Pro, WM1, T130, A129 and A229 models

FineVu Mobile App

For FineVu GX33, GX300 and GX1000 models

4. Dash Cam PC & Mac Viewers

Managing dash cams for your fleet? Or want to view footage on a bigger screen? Our dash cams’ web viewers are here to give you a better view of what’s happening on the road. Learn how to access and make the most out of these softwares here.

BlackVue Desktop Viewer

For managing your BlackVue’s SD card

BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer

For remotely viewing your BlackVue camera through the Cloud

Thinkware PC / Mac Viewer

For managing your Thinkware's SD card

Desktop Dash Cam Viewer

Third-party Viewer, compatible with all dash cams

Dash Cam File Management

How to Organize and Edit Dash Cam Footage on PC

5. Our Aftersales Support

We are fully committed to our customers, and we want to ensure that each of them are satisfied from pre-sale, up to post-purchase. If you wish to know more about our warranties, or have any questions regarding your product or availed service, this guide will provide the right information for you.