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Linus Tech Tips Dashcams Review!

Back in late 2016, we provided several dashcam units to Linus Tech Tips, one of the most popular online tech review sources in North America. They recently released the video which has become quite the hit, amassing 300,000 views in just 2 days.  

We provided them some of our most popular units from across our product range, including the Skyview G1W, A118, Xiaomi Yi, BlackVue DR650S-2CH, Thinkware F770-2CH and BlackSys CH-100B 2-CH. Edzel, in the video, makes some very insightful and valid points about our products. Check it out below:

Dash Cams by Donation 2016 (Follow up!)

Back in December of 2016 we ran a "dash cams by donation campaign" where we put up some of our clearance dash cams on a local-pickup only, by-donation basis. The minimum donation was $20 and 100% of it went to charity. In addition, a few accessories such as SD cards and hardwire kits were picked up as well, adding to the donation amount. All donations collected were handed over to First United Church in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The donations helped fund this organization's shelter, food, and social programs for Vancouver's homeless.  

Blackboxmycar charity donation first united church

In addition to the donations collected through our dash cam program, we filled the BlackboxMyCar Prius with an additional $200 of food and drinks which we distributed to a number of homeless individuals in the Downtown Eastside. It's our first year running this type of program and we felt it was a great success. We sold out of all our clearance units in less than 48 hours and were overwhelmed by the support of all our local customers. Stay tuned for 2017's dash cams by donation program which we expect to be even bigger!

Blackboxmycar charity donation food and drinks

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Hit and Run by Evo Car Share Caught on Dash Cam

Over the weekend our employee's car was hit and run and the whole event was captured on his parking mode equipped dash cam. The vehicle that hit Stuart's car was a short term rental from the Vancouver based car sharing company Evo. With car sharing, vehicles aren't the driver's own and they are billed by the minute so they might not be incentivized to take responsibility of minor accidents like this. Pair that with the fact that these members might not own their own vehicle, they may be unfamiliar with what to do in these events.

Evo car share hit and run

According to Evo's FAQ section, if the member is deemed liable for an accident they are involved in, they will be responsible for a deductible of up to $1000. However, if they are found to be in violation of Evo's member agreement, they will have to cover the full amount of the damage rather than just a deductible. According to their member agreement though, if they are involved in a traffic accident while operating one of their vehicles, they must immediately let Evo know which we doubt this member did in this case. 

Based on the sound of the impact captured on Stuart's Blackvue dash cam, we doubt the member driving the car share vehicle was unaware of the accident. Stuart had only recently upgraded to the Cellink as he was dissatisfied with the regular hardwiring kit which was not capable of overnight recording. Smaller Japanese cars like Stuart's Acura CSX/Honda Civic usually aren't capable of recording for more than 6 hours on a 2-channel camera with their factory batteries. Add to that the wear and tear and potential risks with starting the vehicle, and the Cellink really is a no-brainer for these cars.