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Dash Cam Footage Saves Huge Insurance Deductible! (Hit and Run in Richmond, B.C.)

Our customer was parked in a lot near Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, British Columbia, when their Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe was hit by a large truck. This 577 horsepower luxury coupe starts at around $200,000 CAD putting it in the luxury/high-value vehicle category for ICBC. With this special insurance category, coverage is approved and priced on a case-by-case basis. While most regular cars have a $300 or $500 deductible, our customer's Mercedes carries a $5000 deductible! This made it a no-brainer for our customer to invest in a 2 channel dash cam to protect their investment. Not only would a 50/50 or at-fault claim cost a minimum $5000, but the additional hikes to their insurance premiums would far outweigh the cost of the dash cam.

In this video, you can see that the truck drove too far to the right and clipped the passenger side of our customer's car. We wouldn't be surprised if the truck driver didn't notice the hit, the impact wasn't huge and there's typically a fair bit of vibration with these vehicles. Regardless, the damage was done to our customer's quarter panel that would have cost thousands whether they went through insurance or not. With the video evidence, there's no doubt that our customer was at fault and thus the claim should not affect their premiums whatsoever. 

While there was no license plate on the front of the truck and the rear was quite dirty, the dash cam could not pick that up. However, the company's name and phone number were clearly captured. Furthermore, the video offers a clear description of the at-fault vehicle. This evidence combined makes it possible to make a claim without the specific license plate of the vehicle. 

Dash Cam Setup Used:

Distracted Driver Rear Ends X5 in Vancouver (Thinkware F770)

With rising penalties for distracted driving in British Columbia, we're surprised people still can't resist picking up their smartphones. If caught with your phone in your hand, it can easily cost upwards of $500 in tickets and insurance penalties!

Dash Cam Video

This incident was caught on the 2 channel Thinkware F770 featuring a Full HD rear camera. It is installed on our customer's BMW X5 with the Cellink Battery B to avoid battery discharge warnings. Interestingly enough, the offending vehicle was also a white BMW X5. 

The other driver in this video did admit fault but blamed it on the fact that she had poor eyesight. As many online comments have pointed out, that's probably even worse considering the perfect visibility and fairly large SUV that she hit. It's similar to saying you weren't drunk, you're just bad at driving in a straight line! 

Bmw X5 distracted driver

When we reviewed the video with our customer, we saw that the other driver was clearly holding her phone. It also looks like she dropped the phone as soon as she hit our customer's car. Some of the drivers commenting on YouTube and Reddit mentioned that they wish they had a rear dash cam so they could prove that the other party was on their phone when they hit the other party. This evidence might be helpful if the victim wanted the other driver charged as it would be difficult to prove otherwise. 

Using "Mini" Size Fuses in "Low-Profile" Fuse Slots

Over the past decade or so, many manufacturers who previously used mini sized fuses have switched to low-profile mini fuses. (Mini fuses are also known as ATM fuses; Low-Profile fuses are also known as ATT fuses). If you've dealt with these fuse types before, you'll notice that they are the same width. The low-profile mini fuses are essentially a variation on the traditional mini fuse where the blades are shorter. Because the fuses are the same width, this means that on most applications, mini fuses will actually fit in low-profile slots. Note that as low-profile fuses don't have a protruding fuse blade, they will not fit in a mini size slot.

Mini and Low Profile Fuses

What does this mean to me? 

As low-profile fuses are a newer standard of fuse, they aren't quite as common as the older mini style fuse. For that reason, it may be difficult to find spare fuses or add-a-fuses (AKA "fuse taps) in the low-profile size. If you aren't able to source low-profile ones from your local auto parts or hardware store, perhaps look into using a mini size fuse/fuse tap. 

Low profile and mini fuses

If you are using a fuse tap, note that your original low-profile fuses will not fit in the slots on the mini size fuse tap. This means that you'll need to get mini size fuses for that fuse tap. Add-a-fuses have two fuse slots on them but you may be able to just put a fuse in the second slot for the accessory you're adding. Be sure to read our post on how-to-use an add-a-fuse for more details! 

Are there any downsides to using a Mini fuse in a Low-Profile slot?

The mini fuse or fuse tap will be a bit taller than the low-profile slot, so on some vehicles there may not be enough room to close a fuse panel cover. Note that in the case of a fuse tap, even low-profile fuses will add a significant amount of height compared to the original fuse. This means that you may come across this issue with the fuse panel cover regardless if you are running a fuse tap. In the picture below you can see the difference in height between just the low-profile fuse and a low-profile fuse tap. 

low profile fuse and fuse tap

This isn't an issue we come a lot very often as most fuse boxes have a decent amount of space. On Toyota or Lexus vehicles which have a plastic fuse chart cover over the passenger compartment fuse box, both low-profile and mini fuse taps will prevent this cover from fitting. In these cases we recommend putting that fuse panel cover in with your owner's manual. 

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