Dash Cam Mounts and Tapes

Dash Cam Mounts & Tapes

Keep Your Dash Cam Mounted On Your Vehicle Window

Adhesive Mounting Tapes

Dash cams are built in different shapes and sizes and require different mounts to serve their purposes. The mount is a very important aspect for the dash cams because it can either be permanent or temporary depending of the preference of the individual. Adhesive tape mounts use a strong double-sided tape that can permanently mount your dash cam to many surfaces in your vehicle. It's very versatile, and can stick to even textured surfaces such as the dot matrix area on the upper edge of your windshield.

Due to the strength of the adhesive, they are unfazed by the shocks and bumps of daily driving which equates to a more reliable dash cam mount. Find our collection of mounts below, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.