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Dash Cam Installation Hub

Regardless of vehicle or product type, it’s important that your dash cam installation is set up correctly or you may miss out on important video footage when an accident occurs. Dash cam installation may look more difficult than it actually is, but by following our instructions below, we will make sure your dash cam installation goes smoothly.

Whether you're using a BlackVue, Thinkware or IROAD dash cam, the installation process will be very similar. Where there are any potential differences, we will have built product-specific installation guides that are dedicated to the product that you are interested in purchasing. If you have any questions beyond that, please don't hesitate to contact our in-house product experts. There are several different methods for installing your dash cam, ranging from easy to intermediate. We will take you through each method below.At BlackboxMyCar we strive to provide customers with the best dash cam support possible, and this starts with accessible customer service. Contact us today if you have any questions.

1. Dash Cam Installation Methods

Find out different ways to power a Dash Cam

Installing a Dash Cam with a Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA)

It's a straightforward, plug-and-play option which only requires you to plug the 12V power cable to your car’s cigarette lighter USB port or socket.

Your Complete Guide to Hardwiring Your Dash Cam

Setting Up with an Add-a-Fuse Kit

Setting Up with an OBD Power Cable

Setting Up with the IROAD OBD-II Cable

Installing with a Battery Pack

Battery pack installation location & wiring guide

Wire Splicing Guide

Find out how to connect wires together

2. Installation By Vehicle Types

Need help in installing a dash cam to various vehicle types? Our Vehicle Installation Guide will provide the hacks and tips to make the job easier for you.


Dash cam solutions tailored for SUVs and hatchbacks' unique needs

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid-specific dash cam setup for seamless integration

Electric Vehicles

Dash cam installation optimized for electric vehicle compatibility

Pickup Truck

Easy-to-follow dash cam installation guides for pick-up trucks


Dash Cam solutions tailored for cargo trucks

3. Set Up

Dash Cam Discreet Set Up

How to Mount your Dash Cam

How to Uninstall a Dash Cam