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BlackboxMyCar Cares

We are committed to not just offering top-quality dash cams, but also to enhancing community well-being through inspiring confidence and peace of mind on the road.

Interested on working with us to enhance your community? Partner with us today and let's explore some opportunities in working together. Together, we can give back and provide more people the inspiration they need, and peace of mind they deserve.

Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Dash Cam

Find the dash cam accessories you need to take your dash cam to the next level. Here at BlackboxMyCar, we offer our customers a variety of different accessories, cables, add-ons and mounts for your current wi-fi dashboard camera to ensure your device works at its best.

From dash cam adhesive tapes and suction cup mounts, to mini usb or micro USB cables, to extra dash cam battery pack, we have the accessory you need.

Healthcare and Frontline Heroes (2020)

While everyone was encouraged to stay at home during the peak of the pandemic, our frontliners and health workers faced the daily challenges of traveling to serve, prevent, and cure patients. They were fighters, and it inspired our CEO Alex Jang, in collaboration with Thinkware North America, to host a $10,000 Dash Cam Giveaway, with the goal of sending 50 Thinkware F200 PRO dash cams to 50 frontline heroes across Canada and the United States - from doctors, nurses, drivers, cashiers, IT workers to warehouse workers.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank (2021)

A little kindness goes a long way, and this is what we experienced with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GFVB). The GFVB community employs a fleet of refrigerated trucks and delivery vehicles to be able to transport food and essentials to over 8,500 individuals and families across Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and the North Shore.

To ensure that they get to their destination secured and protected, BlackboxMyCar offered a $10,000 dash cam donation which was highly supported by BBMC customers as well.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

One of the institutions that has been witnessing and working day and night to defeat the Big C is BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. In its 36th Annual Crystal Gala, BlackboxMyCar supported BCCHF with a $10,000 Dash Cam Giveaway through the participation of Nextbase and Thinkcar Diagnostics. Because of BCCHF and its partners including BlackboxMyCar, the event has raised over $4.52M and counting for life-saving oncology research and treatment for kids and families with hard-to-cure cancers.

Regional Animal Protection (RAPS) (2023)

As much as we love people, we love our furbabies too! This inspired us to get in touch with the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS), a registered charity that operates the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, the RAPS Adoption & Education Centres, and the full-service RAPS Animal Hospital. For this project, BlackboxMyCar donated a Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Dash Cam and a BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack to keep their vehicle protected while transporting animals for veterinary care and emergencies.

Tigger’s Dog Rescue (2023)

This June, we’re showing our support to Tigger’s Dog Rescue, a volunteer animal rescue organization based in Saskatchewan. Founded by Tony Vindevoghel in July 2021, Tigger’s Dog Rescue has been committed to rescue and keep dogs that are in need of a care home. Even though we are more than a thousand miles apart from Tigger's Dog Rescue and the lovable animals residing there, we are determined to show them the depth of our commitment to safeguarding their journeys and to enjoy playful interactions with them as well! For our donation, we sent them loads of toys, brand new Nextbase dash cams and SD cards with a total of $5,199.

KidSafe Project Society (2023)

The first half of the year has been amazing for BlackboxMyCar, and we owe it to our customers, and the community whom we share the same goal with – to keep our loved ones safe wherever they may be! As we began the second half of the year, we also took our time to give back by showing our support to one of Vancouver’s charitable institutions, KidSafe Project Society.

Transit Museum Society (2023)

To partner up with TMS, as our company also understands their goal to preserve and protect these vintage people-movers, while also strengthening the history and heritage of British Columbia’s transportation industry. Dash cams came to life because of these vehicles, and we appreciate how Transit Museum Society makes their move to preserve the classics.

Moreover, as our way of supporting the Transit Museum Society, we donated 3 BlackVue DR750X-2CH IR dash cams for their trucks.

Protecting the whole community, one vehicle at a time

More than just providing dash cams for security, we pride ourselves in helping unconditionally, and giving back to those who inspired us to drive to better, brighter journeys. With full appreciation, all of these have become possible through the generosity of our partners, customers, and our team.

We value people. We value advocacies. We treat everyone as family.