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Cellink NEO Battery

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Cellink NEO Battery Pack

The next generation in Cellink battery pack technology is here with the Cellink NEO battery pack. With dash cams getting more and more popular, it’s much more apparent that we need a new way to power these dash cameras. The ever popular Cellink Battery B has been used and recommended by professionals for its dependability and high capacity.

The Cellink NEO is an all-new dash cam battery pack with an integrated smartphone app that lets you quickly see the battery percentage, as well as the power draw. These battery packs are the perfect solution for those who want the maximum protection, as parking-mode recording is extended significantly and the wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s own battery is eliminated. There’s no need to look at the battery once it’s installed, taking its simplicity even further to use! Powered by LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), this battery pack is designed with dash cams in mind.

Smartphone & Bluetooth Integration

The Cellink NEO battery pack features bluetooth technology. When paired with the app that’s available on iOS App Stores and Google Play Store, it’s super easy to see the status of your power pack. The app itself provides a multitude of easy-to-read information, including overall battery percentage, whether the unit is charging or discharging, how long it can power the camera for, as well as how long it’ll take to fully charge. With these useful new features and extended battery times, it makes it easy to recommend the Cellink NEO as the ultimate solution for powering your dash cam.

Extend Your Battery Pack Protection Further

Get more power by combining your Cellink NEO Battery Pack with a Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack.

Power Duration Capabilities

A fully charged Cellink NEO battery pack can run a single 1-channel dash camera for about 45 hours, while a dual-channel system can be run for about 25 hours with its integrated 76.8Wh. This measurement based on continuous runtime.

A fully charged Cellink NEO can run a BlackVue DR900S-1CH dash camera for about 25 hours while a dual channel system like the BlackVue DR900S-2CH will be about 15 hours with its integrated 76.8Wh. On the other hand, a BlackVue DR750S-1CH dash camera for about 28 hours while a dual channel system like the BlackVue DR750S-2CH will be about 18 hours.


Check out our review of the Cellink NEO. We've also written a comprehensive english manual for the Cellink NEO's smartphone app.

Review: Cellink NEO

What is a Battery Pack?

Installation: Battery Pack

Comparison: Cellink NEO vs Cellink B

For more YouTube videos on the Cellink NEO, click here.

What's Included

  • Cellink NEO Battery Pack
  • One of each Add-A-Fuse for battery packs (ATO, Low-Profile, Micro2, Mini)
  • 3-Wire Unspliced Output Cable
  • Power Input Hardwire Cable
  • Power Input 12V Cigarette Plug
  • Power Output Cable Of Your Choice
  • User Manual
  • 1-Year Warranty

Cables Explained

Input Cables for Installation

Cellink Hardwire Kit:
Allows the Cellink NEO Battery Pack to charge at a higher rate of 9 Amps, so it’s able to charge the battery in 45 minutes to full

Cellink 12V Power Cable:
Easier for install, but it charges the dash camera with lower current of 5 Amps, extending the charging time to 1 hour and 20 minutes

Output Cables for Installation

Female 12V Cigarette Socket Output:
This should be used for BlackVue dash cams and other cameras that switch into parking mode using the G-sensor. These are cameras that switch into parking mode after your vehicle is parked for a few minutes. The BlackSys dash cams can also work with this output method if the 'Use External Power' option is enabled.

Spliced Hardwire Kit Output Harness:
The hardwire kit is pre-spliced by one of our technicians so that it will switch into parking mode based on the ignition. Thinkware dash cams will not switch into parking mode if the female cigarette socket is used.

For VIOFO Dash Cams: 3 different spliced hardwiring kits available for the VIOFO dash cams:

  • VIOFO Spliced Hardwire Kit - for VIOFO A129 Pro, A129 Plus and A129 dash cams
  • VIOFO Spliced USB-C Hardwire Kit - for VIOFO A139 dash cam
  • VIOFO Spliced HK4-C Hardwire Kit - for VIOFO T130 dash cam

Unspliced 3-Wire Hardwire Kit:
If you already have a three wire (B+, ACC, Ground) hardwire kit, you can splice it into the Cellink Battery B battery pack output yourself. This is a good option for the DIY-ers out there.

If you have any further questions, our product experts are here to help.

App Screenshot



76.8 Wh


45 min (9A Hardwire) | 1 hr 20 min (5A Cigarette Plug)


14.6V / 5Ah








150mm X 170mm x 38mm




-10°C - 65°C (14°F - 149°F)


South Korea


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Do you own a dash cam that is not sold on our website? Not to worry, we have a list of dash cams that are compatible with the battery packs. Don't see your dash cam on the list? Contact us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Vargab S. (Atlanta, US)
Quality product with limited product warranty but good overall experience

Product is good. This is a replacement battery and the last one lasted just a tad over 2 years. So this time bought the extended warranty which I think should be built into the pricing considering it is a pretty expensive product to begin with. Hopefully this one will last much beyond 3 years of its warranty life. Overall an awesome buying experience.

Raymond E. (Las Vegas, US)

Had another brand Dash Cam battery which kept giving me problems Black Box My Car took care of me and replaced the battery with the Cellink NEO could not be happier awesome battery love it.

David C. (Aubrey, US)
Almost perfect!

Everything works as advertised and install was very straight forward, as was app setup. About the app though, it looks like it’s from 2005, and crashes about half the time😂. Wish the hardwire cable was just a bit longer, but other than that it extends my parking mode quite a bit on my DR900x Plus 2ch and I would buy it again for my other vehicles as well.