Nokya Hyper Yellow Halogen Replacement Bulbs
Nokya Hyper Yellow Halogen Replacement Bulbs
Nokya Hyper Yellow Halogen Replacement Bulbs

Nokya Hyper Yellow Halogen Replacement Bulbs

  • Summary
  • Summary

    • BlackboxMyCar sells only genuine Nokya products
    • 7000K colour temperature for a HID/Xenon look
    • Each package comes with a pair 
    • No ballasts or modification to factory halogen lights required
    • Fits various applications, to find out which bulb your vehicle requires lookup here
    • Other applications available, email at for more!


    NOK7410 9006/HB4 55W
    NOK7411 9005/HB3 65W
    NOK7412 9004/HB1 65/45W
    NOK7413 H4/9003/HB2 60/55W
    NOK7414 9007/HB5 65/55W
    NOK7415 H3 55W
    NOK7416 H7 55W
    NOK7417 H1 55W
    NOK7418 H11 55W
    NOK7419 9006XS 55W
    NOK7420 9005XS 65W
    NOK7448 H11B 55W
    NOK7489 9009/H16/5202 35W

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