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Our Summer Savings Splash is now ON!

Best Dash Cams Under $300

Explore the best dash cams under $300, offering quality recording and essential features without breaking the bank. Find the perfect balance of affordability and reliability for safety on the road.

2024 Dash Cam Gift Guide Under $300

In the lookout for dash cameras that hit the sweet spot between advanced features and value for money? We at BlackboxMyCar have compiled a list of mid-range dash cams tailored to your driving demands, lifestyle, and budget! Perfect for car owners seeking smarter features and specifications with a reasonable price tag, these dash cams are perfect for capturing scenic road trips, monitoring drivers, or simply having a reliable eyewitness during unexpected incidents.

Wondering where affordability meets excellence in road safety? Let our Dash Cam Gift Guide at $300 or less lead the way!

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2K QHD Clarity and Dual-Channel Coverage | Seamless Connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Discover the compact powerhouse: the Thinkware Q200. The Q200 sets a new standard for discreet, unobtrusive dash cams. Despite its small stature, this 2-channel dash cam doesn't compromise on features, offering 2K QHD recording, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for effortless pairing, advanced parking modes, and comprehensive safety alerts to ensure your peace of mind while driving.

Whether you're navigating the daily commute or embarking on a road trip, the Thinkware Q200 provides the reliability, advanced protection, and convenience you need, all in one sleek, compact package.

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Getting the Most Out of The Dash Cam

Experience Sony STARVIS 2.0 Power From Front to Rear

Meet the freshest 2K+2K dash cam from VIOFO, the newly upgraded A229 Plus Duo. Boasting Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 for its front and rear dash cams, the new A229 Plus is also equipped with the most advanced Super Night Vision 2.0, plus HDR(High Dynamic Range) to keep your footage crisper and sharper, whatever the time of the day is.

Beyond clearer footage, the A229 Plus Duo also sports advanced and modern features like Voice Controls, Dual-band Wifi, and Ultra-Precise Quad-Mode GPS for a higher level of security. Best of all? Storage capacity is now upgraded up to 512GB!

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Getting the Most Out of The Dash Cam

The DR590X is BlackVue's entry-level Full HD dash cam. But unlike other entry-level dash cams, BlackVue offers more than just the bare essentials. You can expect the advanced features you would find in other high-end BlackVue models. For instance, not only would you get motion and impact detection with buffered recording, you can also customize the detection zones.

The BlackVue DR590X comes with built-in WiFi so you can use the BlackVue App to control your camera settings and view your footage using your smartphone.

Available in Front-only 1-Channel, Front-and-Rear 2-Channel and Front-and-Interior 2-Channel.

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Getting the Most Out of The Dash Cam

Experience Safety, Excellence and Value for Money in One!

There’s nothing better than keeping your special someone safe and protected. Thanks to our trusty dash cams, you don’t just provide your car, the driver, and the passenger's security – you also give them peace of mind and safety, which is truly priceless.

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In the end, though, you’re not just buying another stylish car gadget, you’re buying a solution to a problem we all face - mystery scratches and dents - so can you really put a price on knowing what happened to your car after a long day on the course or the console? Yes, you can. Let us know how we can help!