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Dash Cam Captures Sudden Vancouver Sideswipe - - BlackboxMyCar

Dash Cam Captures Sudden Vancouver Sideswipe

A Sudden Lane Change

On the bustling Lougheed Highway, a routine drive took a sudden turn for the worse. Captured on a Thinkware F200 Pro dashcam, a white Honda HR-V made a precarious lane change into the left lane, colliding with the recorder’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The incident occurred as the Lancer passed a line of stopped traffic on the 4200 block, heading westbound.

The Incident Unfolds

As the Lancer's driver navigated the left lane, the HR-V, attempting to switch lanes, sideswiped the Lancer's rear quarter panel. Despite the Lancer's driver honking to alert the HR-V driver, the latter did not stop. The HR-V driver later admitted fault, claiming he had checked his shoulder but failed to see the Lancer.

Dashcam: An Unbiased Witness

This sideswipe, vividly captured by the Lancer’s Thinkware dashcam, highlights the importance of such devices in providing clear evidence in traffic incidents. Dashcams act as impartial witnesses that can significantly influence the resolution of automotive disputes.

This footage was all recorded on the ever-reliable Thinkware F200 Pro in 1080p. This model has been upgraded, and replaced by the Thinkware Q200, recording in 2k.

Saving over 3,000$ in repairs

With the HR-V driver admitting fault, and conclusive dash cam evidence, ICBC will cover all costs. This incident underscores the value of dashcams in protecting drivers and providing undeniable proof in the chaotic realms of city traffic.

Thinkware Q200 2-Channel 2K QHD Dash Cam

2K QHD Clarity and Dual-Channel Coverage | Seamless Connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Discover the compact powerhouse: the Thinkware Q200. The Q200 sets a new standard for discreet, unobtrusive dash cams. Despite its small stature, this 2-channel dash cam doesn't compromise on features, offering 2K QHD recording, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for effortless pairing, advanced parking modes, and comprehensive safety alerts to ensure your peace of mind while driving.

Whether you're navigating the daily commute or embarking on a road trip, the Thinkware Q200 provides the reliability, advanced protection, and convenience you need, all in one sleek, compact package.

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