Front & Rear ALL FULL HD

The F770 was the flagship 1 and 2 channel dashcam system from Thinkware in 2016, that improves upon the F750 with a dramatic redesign of the body. The matte black body is smaller and more discreet than ever before while nighttime video quality has also improved. For those that are going with the optional rear camera, this is one of the sleekest Full HD/Full HD systems on the market and it records at a considerably higher bitrate than its competition thanks to a high end Ambarella processor. An excellent parking mode function is available with voltage and timer cutoff features if the hardwiring kit is chosen.

1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH / 30fps / Advanced Video Clear Technology

Thinkware F770

Thinkware F770 Features

When we first reviewed Thinkware's 2 channel F750 we liked a lot about it, especially the 1080P rear camera featuring a large Sony sensor. The safety camera alert system was also impressive and the packaging used by Thinkware is some of the best we've seen. That being said, a few customers didn't like the design and felt that the colour was too light. With the new F770, we think that the heavily revised design of the front unit will appeal to a lot more buyers as it's a very low profile and discreet shape with a fully matte black finish. The wire management flap is also a nice touch that adds to this device's refined look.

One of our complaints with the F750 were the small and poorly marked buttons, with the F770 the markings are better and the buttons are bigger. We're glad to see this improvement although the controls still aren't quite as straight forward as the BlackSys, they still make the day to day operation of the F770 easier. The mount is a bit slimmer than the F750 which makes the unit feel smaller and keeps the lens right up against the glass which can help reduce glare. The rear camera is the same as the F750 and while the video quality is great, one minor gripe is that the lettering actually has to be upside down in order for the video to be right side up and there's no setting in the wifi app to flip this. This is not as intuitive as the Blackvue rear camera which can also be flipped after the mount has been attached on the windshield. Another useful update to the is the addition of the GPS speed stamp option on video which was not available on the F750.

Video Quality

In terms of video quality the F770 picks up where the F750 left off with considerably higher bitrate recording than most other 2 channel dash cams on the market. The new camera adds a Super Night Vision feature which significantly improves video clarity at night even in poorly lit areas. Another new feature is the time lapse function for parking mode which takes 1 frame per second video which uses significantly less storage space than traditional parking mode video. It also plays back 15x faster making it easier to scan through footage.

We're not sure if we like this mode as it doesn't record audio which can be important in cases of vandalism. Our recommendation for those who want to use parking mode is to go with a larger SD card to preserve footage longer instead of using this time lapse feature.

Verdict on the Thinkware F770

Overall the F770 is a great update on an already solid performing dash cam. The changes are subtle but address many of the minor concerns that both our customers and ourselves had with the F750. It would be nice if the camera can still record while WiFi is on and a more configurable memory card partitioning system would be helpful as the Thinkware prioritizes continuous mode recording. These are very minor complaints though and in the 2016 2 channel marketplace this is our favourite Full HD + Full HD dash cam because of the very sleek design, excellent video quality, and the great build quality of Thinkware's devices.

Thinkware F770