BlackVue Over the Cloud

Introducing BlackVue Over the Cloud

As the industry leader in dashcam technology, Blackvue continuously innovates with new features like the parking mode by motion detection, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. Now introducing their newest feature, BlackVue Over the Cloud, this is true over the cloud streaming, giving users of specific BlackVue models the ability to watch videos in real-time from anywhere in the world over an active internet connection. This cloud access is set to revolutionize vehicle safety by giving you access anytime, anywhere, and helping businesses access the next level of fleet management.

Free & Available Now!

The best part of this new feature is that it is available through a simple firmware update on the DR650GW devices and is a retroactive upgrade for previous Blackvue customers. A hotspot capable mobile device and an active sim card is necessary as the dash cam itself does not have a sim card slot. It isn't necessary to purchase a dedicated hotspot device as many smartphones are actually capable of the WiFi hotspot function needed for this cloud feature.

Find your Over-the-Cloud enabled dashcam below: