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dr650s2ch best dual dash cam
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    The Blackvue DR650S-2CH is the updated 2016 version of Blackvue's flagship dual channel dashcam. It offers excellent video quality in all lighting conditions and features like built-in GPS and WiFi/Over the Cloud connectivity. With the latest firmware, the 2-channel system now supports higher bitrate recording at up to 10 Mbps front and 5 Mbps rear. When hardwired or powered through a dashcam battery pack, Blackvue dashcams offer parking mode by motion detection which can protect you in the event of a hit and run or vandalism. It is an elegant low-profile 2-channel solution that's powered through a capacitor instead of a battery to offer reliable performance in hot climates. Over the Cloud is a Blackvue exclusive feature that enhances the protection that your dashcam offers by allowing remote access, alert notifications, and more.

    With the DR650S, Blackvue has responded to some of the feedback from DR650GW-2CH users and improved a number of features aside from just the video quality and cloud feature. The rear camera LED can now be fully turned off and the image can be flipped upside down using the software for the rear video as well. To improve parking mode recording times, the rear camera can be turned off and the overall power consumption has also been reduced. 

    Please note: If you choose the Cellink, you will not be receiving a hardwiring kit - the Multisafer or Power Magic Pro - as they are not meant to be linked to the Cellink. For more information on the Cellink, please see here

    For a Multi-Safer vs. Power Magic Pro comparison, please see here. We also have a video review of the multisafer that can be found here.

    *Many customers have asked us about the differences between the BlackSys CH-100B and the Blackvue DR650, for a detailed comparison check out this article here.


    Stay tuned for our review of the updated DR650S-2CH! In the mean time check out our first impressions and our review of the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH. We also have a review written by a customer of ours named Scott, which is very informative. Check it out here! If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.
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    High Definition and Smooth Videos

    High Definition Video is offered in the following format:

    Front: Full HD (1920x1080P) 30fps

    Rear: HD (1280x720) 30fps

    High Compression Technology

    Record more footage on the same capacity microSD card

    Sony CMOS Sensor, 2.4MP Lens

    Clear video with SONY sensor and megapixel lens both daytime and night-time

    Built In - Wi-Fi 2CH Video Recording

    Check the front and rear videos via the built-in WI-FI

    BlackVue Viewer

    The free BlackVue Viewer software is available for both Windows PC and MAC, allowing for maximum compatibility

    129° Wide Angle Lens

    Record more accurate and clear video of any accident

    BlackVue Over the Cloud

    Pair your cloud enabled Blackvue DR650GW-2CH to an internet hotspot and take advantage of impressive features to stay connected to your device from anywhere in the world.

    Support 128GB microSD Card

    Maximize the capcity of DR650-2CH for microSD card memory

    Designed to Improve User Convenience

    No need to disconnect coaxial cable with rear camera to insert and remove the microSD card

    3 Recording Modes (Normal, Event and Parking Mode)

    G-Sensor is activated in Event mode, automatic switching to / from Parking mode

    High Quality Coaxial Cable

    Coaxial cable for quick data transfer

    Built-in GPS provides accurate speed and location data which can be accessed via the Blackvue Viewer

    BlackVue App

    Fine tune your BlackVue using Android smartphone and tablet, iPhone or iPad

    What is included?

    • BlackVue DR650S-2CH WIFI Over The Cloud Version
    • Coaxial Cable (6 metre)
    • Mount
    • 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB Class 10 MicroSD Card
    • Power Cable 
    • Mounting Clips
    • 3M Double Sided Tapes
    • Manual
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • Specifications


    Front: Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS

    Rear: HD 720P @ 30 FPS

    GPS Built-In
    Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) Built-In
    G-Sensor Built-In
    Wide Angle View

    Front: 129° (D) / 103° (H) / 77° (V)

    Rear: 129° (D) / 108° (H) / 57° (V)

    Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
    Loop Recording Yes
    Maximum SD Card 128GB
    LCD No
    Wi-Fi Built-In
    Microphone Built-In
    Speaker Built-In
    File Format H.264
    Country of Origin Korea Republic
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Optional Accessories

    Cellink Battery B

    The new Cellink B with the safest battery technology using LiFePO4. Extremely fast charging in about 1 hour, it can last up to 72 hours to power your car dash cam (model dependent).

    BlackVue DR650 Series CPL Filter

    Many cusomters have asked us if there was any sort of CPL filter available that can be used with their DR650 units. For the longest time, we've had to tell them that there isn't anything available but that's all changed now, as we've made our very own CPL filter for use with the DR650. Cut through areas where there was once glare with sharp details using this CPL filter

    BlackboxMyCar Add-A-Fuse/Fuses

    The Add-A-Fuse allows for a cleaner install and is required in certain applications. 2 are needed for a hardwiring install (1 for ACC and 1 for constant).

    Hardwiring Kit

    The Multi Safer Hardwiring Kit uses advanced power management to ensure your cars battery stays healthy. The system works by having pre-set cut off voltages to prevent the camera from continuing to operate if the cars/trucks battery drops below a safe level. This is the only hardwiring kit that can bypass cars with Stop/Go technology.

    Power Magic Pro

    Power Magic Pro, a battery discharge prevention device for your your parking mode. It's a must-have item!

    Dash Cam Mounts

    Extra mount for your 2nd or rental car.

    Power Cable

    6 metre long, 12V power cable for your dash cam.

    Coaxial Cable (6m or 10m)

    Do you need a longer coaxial cable? We have 6 metre (default) and 10 metre cables available.

    Mounting Tape

    Specifically designed for this dash cam.

    Mounting Clip

    Mounting clips to hide your wires easy.

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