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Things to Consider
Before Buying a Dash Cam for Your Recreational Vehicle

Having a dash cam in your recreational vehicle provides reassurance that whatever happens will be captured on video. A dash cam is one of those items that is simple to install, while also providing high value in terms of security and travel companionship.

RVers frequently travel long distances from state to provinces to reach their destinations, so a dash cam is an advantage to record an RVer’s journey for both fun and safety.

What dash cam features should you consider for your RV?

Before purchasing a dash cam, you should be aware of which features are non-negotiable.

There is always a dash cam that is perfect for you if you want to prioritize safety, video quality, advanced features, or Cloud connectivity - and there are dash cams that can cater to all of these.

Video Quality

When shopping for a dash camera, the higher the resolution, the better. However, if you only want your dash camera to record accident footage, you may not need the highest resolution available.

The lowest resolution to consider is 1080p. One thing to consider when shopping for dash cams is whether or not you can read license plates in the footage.

Viewing Angles

You want to capture as much of the area around your vehicle as possible with your dash cam. As a result, a camera with a wide viewing angle is recommended.

Night Vision

We are all aware that car accidents do not only occur during the day. In fact, they may be more likely to happen after dark.

As a result, it's critical that your dash camera has superior night vision. If you want to go all out, consider getting one with IR (infrared) capability.

Parking Mode

Parking Mode is a security feature that you should look for. Parking mode uses a motion sensor to tell the camera to wake up and record if something comes close to your parked vehicle. It is useful for overnight trips, especially when you’re leaving your car in unfamiliar places. To activate parking mode, your dash cam shall be hardwired to your RV’s power source and may necessitate the use of an external battery pack.

G Sensor

The G sensor is critical because it detects when you have an accident and automatically saves the video so that it is not overwritten.

It allows the dash camera to identify any unexpected movement in or around your RV such as harsh braking, collision shock, or even when someone crashes into you.

GPS Tracking

It's useful to have the exact location of an accident or to tag your travel videos with. Aside from tracking your location, the GPS also serves as a map in case you drive to new routes.

Multiple camera systems

Dash cams are available in single-channel, dual-channel, and triple-channel configurations.

If you want the highest level of security for your RV, we recommend the three-channel system, which includes a front camera, a rear camera, and an interior camera for all-around protection. If your dash cam has the capacity to hold more than three cameras, that’s multiple times better as you can maximize your RV protection.

Mobile app viewer

Whether you need to watch your video for evidence or just to remember how lovely your trip was, your dash cam should have a dedicated video streaming platform that can be connected to your personal device.

It simplifies the process while also allowing you to easily share footage with family and friends.

Our Top Picks: Best Dash Cams for your RV


The BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus

This BlackVue triple channel dash cam is essential for RVers who value video resolution, weather and temperature resistance, media management, and Cloud connectivity. It has Sony STARVIS sensors and records full HD videos at 60 frames per second, which is a step up from typical dash cams that only record at 30 fps.

With cameras in the front, rear, and inside the RV cabin, the BlackVue DR750X 3CH Plus offers complete protection and convenience via BlackVue Cloud connectivity. It also includes a mobile app viewer, GPS, G sensor, and Parking mode. To improve your peace of mind, you can get the BlackVue B130X battery pack or the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 to extend its parking mode function.


Thinkware F200 Pro + Multiplexer Box

If you look at the Thinkware F200 Pro, you might think it only has the basic (but necessary) features of an RV dash cam. Some of the notable features include Full HD @ 30 fps, Super Night Vision, Advanced Driver Assistance, Parking Mode, Energy Saving mode, and G-Sensor.

Videos can easily be accessed through the Thinkware app and PC viewer as well. Impressed? Here’s the catch. When paired with the Thinkware Multiplexer box, the F200 Pro transforms into a multiple channel dash cam capable of supporting not two, three, four, but up to five dash cams. This means you're safe from the front, back, left, right, and inside! Surveillance wise? This combo won’t let you down.


VIOFO T130 3-Channel Dash Cam

And if you want a three-channel dash cam but has a limited budget, the VIOFO T130 is the best you can get. Compared to Thinkware and BlackVue, VIOFO is more affordable - but that doesn’t compromise its features, especially video quality.  

Ensuring protection in case of events, the T130 provides your RV trips with high-quality recordings as it uses a 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 in 2K QHD at 30FPS for the front, 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX307 for the rear, and 1080p Full HD interior IR (infrared) camera for the in-cabin camera. It also improves coverage with a wide-angle front (140°), interior (165°), and rear (165°) cameras that can all record what’s going on with your RV at the same time - once hardwired. The T130 also has parking mode, G-Sensor, GPS and a mobile app.

Love your RV as much as you love your home.

When you're driving your home itself around, you will need that extra protection for both your passengers and your vehicle. Get a dash cam now, and get the safety you need whenever, and wherever you are.

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