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How to Uninstall a Dash Cam

We'll show you how to properly uninstall a dash cam

Remove your dash cam properly

Removing a dash cam is much more difficult than installing it on the windshield. This is because the 3M Dual-locking adhesive on the mount is extremely strong and very hard to remove with your fingers alone.When removing your dash cam from your windshield, there are two ways we recommend - using a pry tool, or a heat gun.

Typically, a prying tool is provided with your dash cam kit. The best method, though, is to use a blowdryer or a heat gun. Here's a quick tutorial on how to accomplish both.

Using a Pry Tool

If you have purchased your dash cam from BlackboxMyCar, the package usually includes a pry tool. If not, you can get an Essential BlackboxMyCar Installation Kit which will also come in handy when attaching your new dash cam.

Using a Trim Tool is an option to uninstall your dash cam. Alternatively, something like a credit card, piano wire, or knive will do the trick instead. This is pretty much pulling off a dash cam from your windshield, but with a little help in detaching the strong adhesive from your windshield.

As you begin to remove the dash cam, insert the pry tool between the dash cam mount and the windshield. Ideally, you should be peeling the adhesive off with the mount, as opposed to peeling the mount off of the adhesive, this will make cleanup easier. This will allow the glue to gradually split from your windshield, making it easier for you to remove it.

Using a Heat Gun

You will need a heat gun for this next option. Please remember to follow all safety guidelines while using a heat gun and to use it at your own risk. Using a powerful enough hair dryer is also possible, at your discretion.

Begin by aiming your heat gun towards the adhesive attachment that holds your dash cam to your windshield. This will heat up the glue and cause it to melt off of the windshield, allowing you to easily remove the dash cam without risk of damaging it.

Just 10 to 15 seconds, then softly twist the mount back and forth - the adhesive should be much looser now that it has been heated and softened.

I have removed the dash cam, but it left residue on my windshield. What should I do?

After utilizing the Pry Tool or Heat Gun method, there is potential that some residue will remain on your windshield. You have two alternatives for cleaning them up:

Use a Cleaning Spray

Spray the residue with Cleaning Spray and wipe thoroughly until the glue is completely removed from the windshield. Sprays such as Goo-Gone, Windex, or alcohol rubs are the most likely to prove effective.

Use a Cleaning Wipes

Wipe the windshield in the region of the residue with the Cleaning Wipes until the residue is gone. Remember to use a glass-safe wipe to avoid causing harm to your windshield.

I want to remove my dash cam, but I don’t want to ruin my car’s window tint. What should I do?

Like we said, removing a dash cam might be more challenging than mounting, especially if your car is tinted. You don’t want to ruin your tint too, especially with some states implementing restrictions with how tints must be installed.

You can use the same procedure as described above, however a heat gun would be preferable. Avoid approaching it too closely or holding it for too long. Just loosen it up. Then, draw from one side slowly while holding the tint steady with the other hand.

If you find this challenging, next time you are installing a dash cam, use a thin screen protector or a static-cling film, stuck between the windshield and the camera’s mount. VIOFO has included this in their package and we call it the Windshield Static Stickers! You can put the camera to the screen protector or film after attaching it to the tint.