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How to Install into a Pickup Truck

We'll show you how to install a dash cam into a pickup truck

Installing a Dash Cam in a Pickup Truck

Driving trucks is a true North American thing – whether it’s for carrying cargo for your business, or simply needing the massive trunk space for your cross-country adventures, a truck is a ride you can rely on for the long haul.

We love the flexibility of pickup trucks as both utilitarian and lifestyle vehicles. In terms of functionality, some drivers leave the truck bed wide open. In contrast, others who want extra protection for their cargo have their trucks installed with a canopy, varying from hardtops, fibreglass canopies, pick-up caps, toppers, camper shells, and tonneau covers.

“Is it possible to install a dash cam in my pickup truck?” – we get this all the time. And our answer? Yes! It’s definitely possible to install a dash cam in your truck – with or without a canopy. However, the thing with canopies is that the installation might be more challenging in terms of mounting, especially when it comes to the rear camera. But don’t worry, because in this article, we will discuss the different options available to install a dash cam in your pickup truck – whether it has a canopy or not!

Having a dash cam for your pickup truck is a good decision, especially if you drive it on a daily basis. Unlike sedans, the pickup trucks’ high chassis and wider body make blind spots more serious. Having a Dash Cam can empower you to embrace the rough and tumble that these beasts can shrug off, knowing that if anything serious happens you have your silent witness on board.

For Pickup Trucks

If you’re installing a one-channel dash cam in your pickup truck, then it’s as easy as a standard install. You can simply mount the front camera on your windshield, and it’s up to you whether you want to install it via a 12V car cigarette charger (with no parking mode), or hardwiring. Alternatively, you can also use a dash cam battery pack like the PowerCell 8 to extend your parking mode.

While the road ahead is important, we also think that having a rear camera is a must, especially if you need to transport valuable items in your pickup truck on a regular basis. In case a thief rifles through your rear cargo, or anything breaks in the rear, you will have everything recorded in a wide-angle perspective. However, if you’re using a dual-channel dash cam, you might wonder where to put the rear camera.

We recommend you mount the rear camera to the interior of the rear window. If the rear window slides horizontally or vertically, we recommend mounting the camera to a section that does not move, ensuring it’s fully out of the way of the sliding window. Don’t worry, high-quality rear cameras have a wide Field-Of-View, so they’ll still capture all the action back there. For the cleanest installation, you can wire the cable that connects the front and rear cameras along the headliner and panels that run down the vehicle.

Given the smaller cabin for pickup trucks, you’ll likely have plenty of extra slack in your rear camera cable. We recommend running that slack back and forth inside the frame of the vehicle, tying it together with zip-ties or sound-absorbing tape for the cleanest install.

For Pickup Trucks with a Canopy

As every truck driver with a Canopy knows, a Canopy does limit your visibility out the rear. The same goes for if you install a rear Dash Cam. The secondary camera can still be mounted on the rear windshield facing out the canopy, and the installation will be much easier than the alternative.

While this method is unlikely to provide much visibility of your bumper, it is still effectuve for watching over any gear in your truck itself. It will still supply recording of any rear-end collisions. It is much simpler than any options beyond this.

For Canopies without Rear Windows: Bolting the Rear Camera Externally

Suppose you would like a camera that is mounted to your weather-proof canopy. In that case, our recommendation is to bolt the rear camera mounting bracket to the canopy exterior to get a wider view. Here, a weather-proof rear camera and wiring are also recommended. For our installation, the reference will be based on the DR770X-2CH Truck.

Based on our previous installations, it’s cleaner to run the cables underneath the vehicle. You can also run the cable along the underside of the canopy as well, securing the cabling with cable clips.

The rear camera will need to be bolted down to the canopy, typically on top of the rear cargo area. This allows for a very secure and discreet installation.

We recommend wiring this external, bolted camera, as standard interior cameras are not weather resistant, and long-term use in an open canopy could prove detrimental to the unit.

Drawbacks to Canopy Installation

The two rear camera options each come with their own drawbacks and advantages.

For the first option, the visibility might be less since you’re mounting your dash cam on the rear window. For the second option, the installation is pretty difficult as it will require extra drilling of holes, and keeping your camera safe.

For Canopy installation, there might also be a situation where you would have to remove your truck Canopy. If you have to remove your Canopy, you will have remove the rear camera cable. If you run the cable underneath the vehicle, removal will be easier and you can tuck away the cable for future use.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck: Best Dash Cam for Your Pickup Truck

Best for your trucks with a canopy, we recommend the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck. This dash cam system has a front and rear setup, with the rear camera capable of being mounted externally on the back of the vehicle. In terms of video capabilities, the luminosity sensor of its IR camera detects ambient brightness and automatically activates the six infrared lights to help identify vehicles and objects in the dark.

With its metal waterproof casing, the rear camera of the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck is built to withstand most weather conditions. Its Ingress Protection rating (IP69K) means it can even withstand power washing! Note that we recommend securing it in place on a flat surface using the provided screws. Equipped with a long 49-foot coaxial cable (also weatherproof) that connects the front and rear dash cams, the DR770X-2CH Truck is an excellent choice for all kinds of trucks.

Here at BlackboxMyCar, we don’t just provide you with installation guides on our website – we offer professional dash cam installation ourselves! If you happen to pass by our Richmond office, our expert installers will be happy to help. Book your appointment here.

And if you wish to install the dash cam in your truck yourself, we are also here to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to mount it successfully.