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What We Love to See in Dash Cams this 2024 - - BlackboxMyCar

What We Love to See in Dash Cams this 2024

2023 was indeed a stellar year for the dash cam industry. Globally-renowned manufacturers have released a whole slew of new dash cam models, particularly focusing on improving video quality through integrating features like the Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors delivering 4K UHD. Last year, VIOFO released the new A229 Pro series, Thinkware launched the most premium U3000, Vantrue introduced the N4 Pro and there’s the A810 for 70mai.

Beyond Sony STARVIS 2 sensors, there are also basic dash cam models that have been upgraded. For example, the Thinkware F70 has been upgraded to the F70 Pro, which has integrated features of the U3000, such as Smart Parking and Bluetooth. VIOFO also released the A119 Mini 2, which is the first Sony STARVIS 2 dash cam in the 2K QHD segment.

Here at BlackboxMyCar in 2023, we released a total of 19 new dash cam models, including our very own BlackboxMyCar SmartDrive Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Display. Clearly, we are already embracing the future of dash cams, and we will continue to do so while welcoming new features this 2024. In this blog, we’ll share with you the things that we would love to see and experience in dash cams this 2024, as this cutting-edge industry pushes ever onwards.

More Sony STARVIS 2 Dash Cams

If you check our best dash cams of 2023, most of them now come with Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor, 4K UHD dash cam classics like the Thinkware U1000 and VIOFO A129 Pro have already upgraded theirs to the U3000 and A229 Pro, respectively. This 2024, we’re also excited to announce that BlackVue DR970X is already getting this STARVIS 2 upgrade, with the all-new DR970X Plus. Now with an 8MP Sony STARVIS IMX 678 sensor, the DR970X Plus doesn’t just deliver clear and crisp 4K UHD quality – it will also be available in new different variants such beyond the standard single and dual channel. There will be a model with a built-in LTE, an IR dash cam, and a Box model that’s similar to the DR770X Box – our best-in-security dash cam, which will lead us to the next point.

Sony STARVIS 2 mainly shines when it comes to low-light recordings, boasting features like Digital Overlap HDR, Clear HDR, and Near Infrared Enhanced technology. While not all these Sony STARVIS 2 cameras have these features included, as this sensor is adopted more and more, and manufacturers get more accustomed to designing around it, we expect this sensor to be pushed even further, offering even better night vision recording.

More Cloud dash cams

Cloud dash cams are also something we look forward to this 2024. Of course, we expect that the leaders – BlackVue Cloud and Thinkware CONNECTED – will develop more features in this service aside from the ever-reliable Push Notifications, Remote Live View, Live Auto Upload and Emergency Notifications. On the other hand, we’re also excited to know about some of the Nextbase IQ dash cam new features. While it has additional cost for subscriptions, we appreciate their desire to push boundaries when it comes to what a dash cam is capable of, and hope that more brands can make better use of these innovative ideas, fully implementing them this year, as many are still a work-in-progress.

Check out our comparison to the Nextbase IQ against the Thinkware Connected and BlackVue Cloud services.

Built-in 4G to 5G LTE Connectivity

In addition to the more popular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, advanced dashcams have recently started pushing the label even more, by offering a built-in internet connection in the dash cam itself. The BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH LTE and Nextbase IQ specifically come equipped with 4G LTE connectivity. This means that the camera can function without a phone or hotspot and stay online all the time. Since dash cams are interactive, high-definition video devices, we look forward to having 5G technology in the future, and different models and brands implementing their own creative ideas for internet integration.  This will surely make the connectivity and data-sharing process more seamless.

More Tamper-Proof Dash Cam Solutions

One of the risks that dash cam users may face is losing their footage, potentially through a broken micro SD card, or a stolen dash cam. With the rise of road incidents and theft, we think that having Tamper-Proof dash cams are beneficial to have this 2024. The purpose of a Tamper-Proof casing is to protect your dash cam's essential parts by securing the base and cover piece firmly with metal screws. Just last year, we saw the BlackVue DR770X Box unit become the most secure dash cam option on the market, featuring tamper-proof casing for all cameras, along with all recordings being safely stowed and secure in the box unit of the camera itself. We’ve already seen BlackVue plans to continue with this secure system in further iterations with the BlackVue DR970X Box, coming out this February. We’re excited to see all the new ways that dash cams will innovate on not only keeping you secure, but your footage as well! Learn more about tamper-proof cases here.

More Voice-Controlled Dash Cams

Since we are talking about convenience, let’s talk about the hassle-free experience of talking to your dash cam, without having to hold it or use your phone to manage it. Starting from Nextbase dash cams, new models are beginning to incorporate voice functionality, either through Alexa or through in-built voice technology. Right now, VIOFO has already integrated Voice Commands into its dash cams like the A119 Mini 2 and the A229 series. For instance, you can tell it to take a photo, start or stop recording a video, turn the audio on or off, and even manage the screen settings. Additionally, you can control the WiFi connectivity with commands to turn it on or off. This feature is also on top of Voice Notifications.

Longer Warranty Period

Dash cams are built to offer drivers peace of mind, and we think that manufacturers offering longer warranty periods is a plus for new dash cams this 2024. This extended assurance provides users with peace of mind regarding potential defects, considering the unpredictable nature of road conditions. While the common manufacturer warranty is only up to 1 year, we are impressed to see that known brands such as BlackVue now offer 2-year warranty to its new BlackVue Plus series, while FineVu still retains its 3-year warranty period for all its dash cam models like the GX1000.

What we are REALLY looking forward to this 2024

After discussing the things we hope to see in dash cams in 2024, there is a further point we want to highlight. This year, we genuinely hope to see an increase in the number of drivers, parents, fleet managers, and company owners who decide to install dash cams in their cars.

Here’s to safer drives, and safer lives this 2024.

Let’s face it – you will never know what you’re gonna face once you hit the road, and it’s a dash cam that can be useful in the resolution of numerous incidents such as theft, hit-and-runs, vandalism, and accidents. If you want to have more peace of mind this 2024, the first step you should take is to get a dash cam yourself now.

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