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[BRAND NEW] Thinkware F770 Dash Cam

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    *First picture includes the optional rear camera, please choose the rear camera option if you would like the 2-channel camera. Please note that the rear camera needs to be mounted in a certain way, please check out this write up for more details. Also, as of July 2016 all 2-channel F770 will ship with the correct right-angle rear camera cable* 

    The F770 is the flagship 1 and 2 channel dashcam from Thinkware that improves upon the F750 with a dramatic redesign of the body. The matte black body is smaller and more discreet than ever before while nighttime video quality has also improved. For those that are going with the optional rear camera, this is one of the sleekest Full HD/Full HD systems on the market and it records at a considerably higher bitrate than its competition thanks to a high end Ambarella processor. An excellent parking mode function is available with voltage and timer cutoff features if the hardwiring kit is chosen.

    We wrote a comprehensive guide through the application, to help those who needed it. Check it out here

    To use a Cellink Battery B with a Thinkware unit, the Thinkware hardwire kit must be spliced into the Cellink's output cable to use parking mode. If the cigarette jack is used, the unit will not activate parking mode/motion detection. If you already have the hardwiring kit or the Cellink battery, check out this article to find out how to connect them.


    Check out our review of the Thinkware F770 here. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.
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    How to Use: Thinkware App
    F770 Video Quality vs Full HD-HD


    1080P Video Recording Front and Rear (Optional)

    Record Crystal Clear Full HD video at 30 frames per second 

    The Ambarella A7 Chipset allows the F770 to record extremely high quality videos

    Optional rear camera can record at 1080P Full HD as well

    1/2.9" Sony CMOS Sensors Both Front & Rear

    Capture impressive night time video footage thanks to the excellent dynamic range of the Sony CMOS sensor

    Now capture this level of quality on both the front and the rear with the Thinkware F750/F770 Rear Camera.

    Wide Angle Glass Element Lens

    140° wide angle lens offers one of the widest viewing angles in a 2-CH Full HD parking mode device

    Super Night Vision Recording

    The F770's processor has improved night time video rendering thanks to an all new Super Night Vision Mode

    Parking Mode by Motion Detection

    When paired with the optional hardwiring kit the F770 acts as a CCTV for the parked vehicle. It will record the 10 seconds before the motion was detected and the 10 seconds after

    Alternatively a time lapse mode is also available to conserve memory card space by taking 1 frame per second videos

    Speed and Red Light Camera Alerts

    The GPS in the F770 is capable of alerting the driver of where traffic cameras are located to encourage safe driving

    Super Capacitor & High-Temperature Protection System

    The F770 uses a capacitor based power supply to ensure reliable performance in extreme temperatures

    The F770 is designed to discharge heat and has a built in themal sensor that will help protect the unit

    Expandable Memory Size and Dual Save Internal Storage 

    The F770 can take memory cards up to 64GB and has a built-in memory backup that saves event files internally as well as on the Micro SD

    Built-in WiFi and GPS

    WiFi connectivity allows for easy settings changes and review of saved videos. There are currently both Android and iOS applications

    Advanced Driver Safety Technologies

    Features like Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning can enhance the safety for distracted or inexperienced drivers

    Best Dashcam for Mac Users

    The F770 uses EXFAT formatting for 64GB and higher cards which is compatible with Mac OS X computers. Other dashcams (Blackvue, Blacksys, etc.) use FAT32 which is not natively compatible with Mac.

    Buy with Confidence from BlackboxMyCar and Thinkware

    All Thinkware dash cams purchased through BlackboxMyCar are backed by a 1 year warranty

    What is included?

    • Thinkware F770 1-Channel Dash Camera
    • Adhesive Mounting Tape
    • 12V Cigarette Adapter
    • Cable Mounting Clips
    • Micro SD Card Reader
    • English Quick Start Guide
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • Specifications


    Front: Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS

    Rear: Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS (optional)

    GPS Built-In
    Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) Built-In
    G-Sensor Built-In
    Wide Angle View 140° 
    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C / 14 ~ 140° F
    Loop Recording Yes
    Maximum SD Card 128GB (Micro SD)
    LCD N/A
    Wi-Fi Built-In
    Microphone Built-In
    Speaker Built-In
    File Format H.264 / .MP4
    Country of Origin South Korea
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    *Please email us at if you are thinking of ordering an aftermarket Micro SD card, not all Class 10 cards will work with the Thinkware F770

  • Optional Accessories

    Cellink Battery B

    The new Cellink B with the safest battery technology using LiFePO4. Extremely fast charging in about 1 hour, it can last up to 72 hours to power your car dash cam (model dependent).

    Thinkware Hardwire Kit

    The Thinkware Hardwire Kit allows the user to take advantage of the F770's Parking Mode by Motion Detection

    BlackboxMyCar Hardwire Kit

    The BlackboxMyCar Hardwire Kit is a universal Direct Hardwire Power Kit, fit for various Korean dashcams. It allows the user to take advantage of the F770's Parking Mode by Motion Detection,

    Thinkware Rear Camera

    Thinkware F750/F770 Rear Camera

    The Optional Rear Camera and Connecting Cable turns the F770 into a 2CH system with Full HD rear recording at 30FPS.

    BlackboxMyCar Add-A-Fuse/Fuses

    The Add-A-Fuse allows for a cleaner install and is required in certain applications. Two are needed for the Thinkware Hardwire Kit.

    Thinkware F770 Mount

    The Thinkware F770 Mount allows the user to place the F770 in another location without the hassle of removing the mount and placing the new adhesive.

    Thinkware F750/F770 Mounting Tape

    The Thinkware F750/F770 Mounting Tape provides you with extra tapes in case you need to move your unit's mounting place.

    Thinkware F750/F770 Rear Camera Mounting Tape

    The Thinkware F750/F770 Rear Camera Mounting Tape provides you with extra tapes in case you need to move your rear camera's mounting place.

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