BlackboxMyCar Coaxial Cable (2'/60cm)
BlackboxMyCar Coaxial Cable (2'/60cm)
BlackboxMyCar Coaxial Cable (2'/60cm)
BlackboxMyCar Coaxial Cable (2'/60cm)

BlackboxMyCar Coaxial Cable (2'/60cm)

  • Summary
  • Summary

    We love the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH IR, there's really nothing like it when it comes to front and interior recording. Unfortunately, the supplied coaxial cable from Blackvue is a long 6M or 20 feet, great for mounting the cameras at two opposite ends of a large SUV or minivan but not so good when your cameras are only sitting inches apart from each other! We've stress tested our cable to work well with the Blackvue 2-Channel systems and spec'ed it to a 2 foot /60 cm length, this length makes wire management much easier but still gives enough excess to be versatile with mounting positions.


    • Right angled gold tips for easier install on the front window
    • Shorter 2 foot length for easier wire management with front mounted interior facing rear cameras
    • New black cable design
    • Designed to work with Blackvue DR550GW-2CH, DR650GW-2CH, DR650S-2CH, DR650GW-2CH IR, and DR750LW-2CH systems

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