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VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus 1 Channel 2K QHD Dash Cam Review

Having a front-only dash cam is better than having no dash cam at all, especially if you are on a tight budget for a dash cam. VIOFO understands this well, that’s why it released the all-new VIOFO WM1 1-Channel, 2K QHD dash cam.

In this article, we will compare the VIOFO WM1 against another 1-channel dash camera model from VIOFO, the A129 Plus 1CH. Let’s point out the features, and differences of the two.

VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus Design

Considered as VIOFO’s smallest dash cam to date, the new WM1 has a screenless tubular design and a front-only camera system. When compared to dash cams with top mounts, the WM1 has a 60-degree rotatable camera mount attached to the back of the dash cam.

While the VIOFO A129 Plus is also available in a single-channel configuration, it is also available in multiple-channel configurations if you want to add secondary cameras. The A129 Plus also differs from the WM1 in that it has a 2-inch screen on which you can watch videos and set up your dash cam.

The screen on the A129 Plus is useful, but it can also be distracting while driving, and it adds some bulk to the dash cam itself, so whether you want something with the smallest profile or something with a screen is really a matter of personal preference.

VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus Video Quality

With great performance in both day and night, the VIOFO WM1 with Wide Dynamic Range technology can capture 2K QHD at 30 frames per second. It has a Sony STARVIS IMX335 1/2.8-inch image sensor that covers a 135-degree field of view.

The VIOFO A129 Plus has a 140-degree field and a slightly wider angle. It can also record in 2K QHD, but if you update the firmware, it can also record at 60 frames per second.

VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus Parking Mode

Both the WM1 and the A129 Plus have three intelligent parking modes: Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse Recording, and Low Bitrate Recording - ensuring that you have a clear view of your vehicle's front view at all times.

To use the Parking Mode feature, you must hardwire the dash cam to your car's fuse box. You'll need an appropriate hardwire kit, or an external battery pack such as the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack.

VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus Connectivity Features

In terms of connectivity, the VIOFO WM1 includes built-in Wi-Fi. While it may not have 5GHz that many premium dash cams do, its 2.4GHz connection does allow for simple footage transfer and viewing, as well as changing dash cam settings via the VIOFO smartphone.

Aside from built-in Wi-Fi, the WM1 now has a built-in GPS that comes included in every purchase. The built-in GPS Logger on the WM1 provides detailed location, speed, and time data of the vehicle when playing back the video on the VIOFO App or computer.

Similar to the WM1, the VIOFO A129 Plus also has 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. However, its GPS is an external module unlike the WM1 that has this built-in.

VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus Convenience Features

For previous VIOFO models like the A129, we have received feedback that the old series' buttons were overly confusing with unclear functions. For example, to turn on its Wi-Fi, you had to hold down the double square button on the right, or press the three vertical lines (after stopping recording) to enter the menu.

The main dash cam on the new VIOFO WM1 has fewer buttons, particularly REC, MIC, WI-FI, and the Emergency Lock button, but they are designed to be more straightforward and a one-hit press. With the wifi button for example having an actual wifi symbol.

One thing that the VIOFO WM1 has which the A129 does not is the intelligent Voice Notification. This new feature, that also comes in the VIOFO A139 Pro, acts as your personal assistant, informing you of dash cam events such as video protection, changes, and memory card errors.

While previous VIOFO dash cams usually produce annoying - and sometimes distracting - beeping sounds for notifications, the new WM1 keeps you focused on the road with the help of a clear and concise voice.

And even if the WM1 is more handy, VIOFO managed to make the emergency lock button for this model bigger. This allows users to quickly lock the file at the scene, providing evidence for insurance claims and traffic disputes. While it is also present on the VIOFO A129 Plus, the button is visibly smaller.

Both the VIOFO WM1 and the A129 Plus are compatible with optional accessories such as the Bluetooth Emergency Remote and CPL filter.

Verdict: VIOFO WM1 vs. VIOFO A129 Plus - Which is better?

Both the VIOFO WM1 and the VIOFO A129 Plus are priced under $150 USD, with the A129 Plus priced at $149.99 for the single-channel version and the WM1 for only $99.99. Though the WM1 is more recent, it is more affordable and offers more value for its price, unless you want to record in multiple channel systems as it is only a single-channel dash cam.

While both dash cams can record in 2K, have built-in Wi-Fi, parking mode, and can be controlled via the VIOFO app, one significant difference is their size.

Because it lacks a screen, the VIOFO WM1 is easier to install and conceal behind your rearview mirror. Concerning dash cam legality, we understand that some states only allow the use of dash cams under a certain size to avoid distractions, and the WM1 definitely fits within this profile!

We don't see the use of a 2-inch screen like the VIOFO A129 Plus because there is already an app that allows you to control and watch your dash cam footage better. In fact, the larger the dash cam, the more likely it will be noticed by thieves while your car is unattended. As a result, we believe the WM1 is a safer and more discrete option.

VIOFO WM1, coming out soon at BlackboxMyCar!

The VIOFO WM1 is a suitable choice for drivers looking for a low-cost way to protect their vehicles, even if only for the road ahead. With its small but stealthy design, convenience features, and price tag under $100, the VIOFO WM1 is an excellent buy. Ready to make a purchase? Order yours here at BlackboxMyCar!