VIOFO 3 Wire Hardwire Kit Setup and Tips

What is the VIOFO 3 Wire Hardwire Kit?

The VIOFO 3 Wire Hardwire Kit (not to be mistaken for a simple 2 wire mini USB hardwire kit LINK) has various functions, but primarily is used to provide power to your dash cam through the fuse box when the vehicle is turned off. The module itself is powered through the vehicle's fuse box and detects your battery's voltage when the vehicle is turned off, so it knows when to cut off power to the dash cam to save your vehicle’s battery from dying.

The VIOFO 3 Wire Hardwire Kit has adjustable low voltage protection levels, it will cut power to your dash camera when it detects the vehicle battery voltage is below the set number. The cutoff levels are: 11.8V, 12V, 12,2V, 12.4V.

The ACC (ignition-switched) detection feature will allow the dash cam to switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle’s engine turns off and switch back to normal recording after the vehicle’s engine turns on. Please be sure the cable is connected to the camera directly and not through the GPS mount. This 3 wire hardwire kit also fits A119/A119S/A119 PRO dash cam, but this ACC function will not be available.