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A Guide on Exterior Wiring Installation for Dash Cams

In our years of experience in installing dash cams, we can say that installing one in a standard sedan is rather straightforward and easy. Check out our installation gallery for plenty of photos of those.

But in some cases, where we had to wire the dash cam in a truck, cargo van, camper van, or large fleet vehicle, it can be complicated as we need to do external wiring to install a rear camera - especially for those vehicles without rear windows.

When it comes to keeping these larger vehicles fully protected, having a front and rear camera is something we recommend, to ensure all aspects of your vehicle are kept in tip-top shape. In this article, we will share our recommendations for external wiring to make the process more convenient and efficient for you!

Tips on External Wiring on Your Trucks and Vans

For two-channel dash cams like the DR770X-2CH Truck, the front camera shouldn’t be a problem. You can simply install it right behind the rearview mirror, which can simply be hidden as the device is screenless. Most importantly, it is set to focus mainly on the view of the road.

For sedans and standard vehicles, rear camera connections are easier as you only have to go wire inside of the vehicle, along the frame and through the side pillars. However, for some larger vehicles, reaching the rear of the vehicle isn’t so simple, and you’ll need to do external wiring.

Of course, internal wiring is what we prefer, and even if the cameras are mounted externally, you can still have the majority of the wiring done internally in some vehicle models. Many cargo vans, such as the Ford Transit, have only one compartment between the rear of the vehicle, and the Driver. In such a situation, the wiring can be run almost fully internally, with a single hole to fish the wire through, directly to the rear camera. This would not be possible in a multi-compartment truck, such as a box truck, without excessive drilling that is.

The placement of the rear camera for trucks will depend on your preference, but we recommend you to bolt the rear camera mounting bracket on top to get a wider view. Even if it’s attached externally, you don’t have to worry about weather as most rear truck cameras like the DR770X-2CH Truck are waterproof, along with waterproof cabling.

For external wiring on larger trucks, we find that it is much cleaner to run the cables underneath the vehicle, than up and overtop the vehicle. This is more discrete and is safer as the cables are less exposed. Still, to get the cable up to the top of the truck, you may have to drill a small hole near the rear of the bay doors to be able to run the cable up, and drill another hole at the top for the rear camera connection. It is possible that you can ignore this drilling by leaving the cable exposed as it runs up to the camera, but the less exposed cable, the better.

For us, this is the best and cleanest option in most situations.

When it comes to exterior wiring in one of these vehicles, there’s a lot of options depending on the different vehicle models. Still, it is definitely feasible, and the fact that the rear camera can be bolted gives a lot of leeway with where the camera is positioned and oriented. To ensure that a setup like this is done right, there is norm some form of drilling, if this causes any worry, contacting a professional to assist is always a good call.

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