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How to Connect to the VIOFO Mobile App

When you purchase a VIOFO dash cam like the VIOFO A129 Pro, A229, or the three-channel and screenless T130, you automatically get access to a free VIOFO mobile app.

While the A129 and A229 have built-in LCD screens that can display your footage, the VIOFO mobile app makes it easier for you to conveniently stream and download from your phone, while also navigating the extensive menu of customizations and settings.

To make the most out of this feature, we will show you how to connect to your dedicated VIOFO app.

Step 1: Download the VIOFO App

First thing to do is to make sure you have the app on your phone. The VIOFO dash cam smartphone app is available in Google Play and App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, make sure to update it from time to time so you can enjoy VIOFO’s latest software updates.

Step 2: Enable the Wi-Fi

This step may vary depending on the VIOFO model you’re using. If you’re connecting to a VIOFO A229 dash cam, you can press on its Wi-Fi button on the face of your device directly.

For VIOFO A129 models, the Wi-Fi button is two interlocking squares on the same spot on the camera instead. With these, you’ll also need to hold the button longer when turning on the Wi-Fi, compared to the one-hit press on the A229.

Once your device's Wi-Fi is turned on, the dash cam screen should display a Wi-Fi symbol, indicating that you did everything correctly. The Wi-Fi LED should also light up, and the network name should appear on the screen.

To connect, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and look for the Wi-Fi name "VIOFO_model name_XXXX". The default password for this is "12345678".

Once your phone is connected to the dash cam, the LED light will turn to a solid blue.

*Note that the Wi-Fi connection must not be farther than 10 meters

Step 3: Open the VIOFO App

Next, launch the VIOFO app on your smartphone and select "Connect your camera”.

You'll know your phone is already connected to the dash cam when you can see the live view of your cameras on your phone screen.

Once set, you can already change the settings and check the files stored on your VIOFO’s microSD card. You also have the option to download your dash cam’s video recordings straight to your phone!

If you wish to configure the VIOFO dash cam settings, you can navigate it through the gear symbol in the bottom right corner. The little library icon on the bottom left is where you can access your video recordings. Take note that in order to perform either action, you must first pause recording by pressing the red button in the center bottom.

Some customers may encounter a blank live-view screen when setting up. If this happens to you, try switching to airplane mode first, then reconnect for a network refresh, and everything should be fine from there.

So that’s how easy connecting your VIOFO mobile app is! If you have more questions about your VIOFO dash cam, feel free to send us a message and our product experts will be happy to help!

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