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What is the BlackVue Event Map?

How this feature combines data from your dash cam to create a crowd-sourced map for events

As one of the premium dash cam brands in the market, BlackVue is unstoppable in terms of providing not just cutting-edge dash cams, but also innovative features that makes the ownership more convenient.

In fact, before 2022 ended, BlackVue announced the launch of a new feature called the Event Map. This feature can be accessed by all drivers with the free BlackVue App.

What is the BlackVue Event Map?

The BlackVue Event Map is a feature designed to enhance the experience of using a BlackVue dash cam. It combines data from the dash cam with a crowd-sourced map to display events such as impacts, hard brake incidents, and even playback videos, making it ideal for both fleet management and personal driving. With its aim of providing real-time road information to BlackVue users, the Event Map is a powerful tool to make the most out of your dash cam.

How do I access the New Event Map feature?

Accessing the new Event Map feature is simple with the BlackVue app or the BlackVue Web viewer. Once you log in, the app or web viewer will display event videos submitted by the users on a map. If you grant the app access to your location, the map will center on you and show your surrounding area.

It’s worth noting that BlackVue values your privacy, so the decision to grant location access is entirely up to you. On the map, roads are color-coded from yellow to dark red, indicating the frequency of events recorded by BlackVue dash cams on those roads.

How can I share my Events?

If you wish to share your events to your fellow BlackVue users on the road, there are two ways - manual and automatic.

Automatic Sharing

To automatically connect and upload your events, navigate to the “Connect to Cloud” menu. Tap the three vertical dots icon, go to “Privacy”, and enable the “Automatically add Live Event Upload files to Event Map” option.

Manual Sharing

To share manually, go to the “Connect to Cloud” menu and select the name of your dash cam. Then, go to the “Live Event Upload” tab, and tap the three dots icon next to the video file you want to share.

Do Event Map files consume my Cloud storage space?

You don’t have to worry about running out of space. When a video is shared to the Event Map, it is transferred from the BlackVue Cloud server to a separate Event Map server. This means that the transfer does not use any data bandwidth and the Event Map videos do not take up any space in your Cloud storage.

What happens to the Event Map video if I accidentally delete my footage?

When you share a video on the Event Map, a copy of the video is saved on the Event Map server. If you accidentally delete the original footage, the copy of the Event Map will remain unaffected. Conversely, deleting the Event Map video will not impact the original file stored on your device. So, you can be confident that sharing your events on the Event Map provides a secure backup.

Be in the Know with the BlackVue Event Map

The BlackVue Cloud Event Map is compatible with all BlackVue models that support Live Event Upload particularly the DR900X Series, DR750X Series, and DR750X-2CH LTE Plus Series.

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