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Your Guide in Setting up the ZZ2 ZZ-AIR PRO Wireless CarPlay
and Android Auto Adapter

The ZZ2 ZZAIR-PRO is an adapter that converts factory and aftermarket wired CarPlay and Android Auto to wireless. Now available at BlackboxMyCar, the ZZAIR PRO enables you to stream Netflix and YouTube conveniently via simple USB connection – all you have to do is simply plug and play the module, enjoy CarPlay and Android Auto, without having to connect other cables and wires. In this article, we will show you the steps on how to connect, set up, and use the ZZAIR-PRO for your car’s infotainment system.

What’s inside the Box of the ZZAIR-PRO?

Every package of the ZZAIR-PRO includes the ZZAIR-PRO main unit, a USB to USB-C power cable, and a USB to USB-C adapter. For the main unit, you will see an LED light, a USB-C connection port, a reset button and a micro SD Card slot where you can insert from your dash cam or other mobile gadgets.

How can I Connect the ZZAIR-PRO?

The ZZAIR-PRO works with OEM and Aftermarket radios that have wired Apple CarPlay. If you wish to connect the ZZAIR-PRO, plug the USB cable to your car’s USB port and the other end to the USB-C port at the bottom of the ZZAIR-PRO.

When the connection is successful, the LED indicator light will blink, right besides the power port. You will know that the connection is successful if you see the LED indicator turned on.

It will take a couple of moments for the ZZAIR-Pro to link up with your vehicle’s onboard system. To finalize the connection, you will need to pair it with your phone, specifically starting as a Bluetooth connection. Once the Bluetooth is initialized, the ZZAIR-Pro will automatically switch over to its wifi-based connection, and you may need to set up some basic pairing with your carplay, depending on your vehicle.

Connecting to Apple CarPlay via Bluetooth

If you have an Apple device, you can also use its Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your car’s interface. To do this, turn on your device’s Bluetooth connection.

Next, a window will popup on your iPhone indicating “Use CarPlay with MultiPlay?” – tap “Use CarPlay.” If you’re wondering what MultiPlay is, it is the third-party system that allows your iPhone to connect to your head unit via bluetooth & mobile hotspot.

After tapping “Use CarPlay”, the Bluetooth connection will be closed automatically, while your phone’s Wi-Fi will maintain the device connection.

Connecting to Android Auto via Bluetooth

The ZZAIR-PRO also works with Android Auto. If you have an Android smartphone and want to connect it to your head unit via Bluetooth, the first step is to turn on your Android smartphone’s bluetooth settings.

Once the bluetooth connection is established, Android Auto will automatically start. As soon as you connect, you will be able to access the apps, and stream your videos and movies.

ZZAIR-PRO Screen Display

Once the ZZAIR-PRO is already running in your infotainment system, you will notice that it has its own home menu. There are three sections on the home screen. On the upper left side, you will see the audio being played, which you can adjust the duration you wish to play.

Beneath it, you will see the icons for Netflix, YouTube, CarPlay, and Android Auto. If you wish to watch YouTube videos – or start a carpool karaoke via YouTube instrumental videos, tap the Youtube icon. On the other hand, the Netflix icon lets you stream your favorite series or movies. Of course, you would need a Netflix account before you can access it!

Moreover, on the right side of the display, you will see the Bluetooth, A2DP, File Browser, Video, Settings, and Music icons. If you wish to access your files, videos, and audio files from your micro SD card, simply tap these icons respectively. The Settings can also be configured on the Settings icon.

How can I set up the Wi-Fi Connection of the ZZAIR-PRO?

The ZZAIR-PRO requires a Wi-Fi connection or any hotspot source for the wireless adapter to connect you to the internet and stream YouTube or Netflix. To connect, access the Settings from your infotainment system, located in the bottom right of the ZZAIR-PRO’s home menu.

Next, open the Wi-Fi connection. Once it’s turned on, look for the Wi-Fi network or hotspot name you want to connect to. Type its password and click Connect.

The internet will be turned off by default next time you get into the vehicle. Simply turning it on in the setting will have it automatically searching for any Wi-Fi network that information was already supplied for.

Using a Micro SD Card on the ZZAIR PRO

Unlike the other ZZAIR Products like the ZZAIR CP and ZZAIR Duo, the ZZAIR Pro is built with a micro SD card slot where you can plug in a pre-loaded SD card to display images, play music or watch videos. Therefore, if your dash cam has a micro SD card, you can also plug it in in the ZZAIR PRO so you can watch the recorded footage right in your vehicle’s infotainment system.

To use this, simply take the micro SD card from your device (dash cam or smartphone) and insert it in the ZZAIR-PRO’s slot. From there, you will be able to access the content of your micro SD card on your vehicle’s screen.

The ZZAIR-PRO supports many different file types, supporting a 512GB SD card maximum. However, when viewing 4k footage, images can appear glitchy and are not supported.

Updating the ZZAIR-PRO firmware

To ensure that the version is up to date and your ZZAIR-PRO is working optimally, it is important to keep the firmware updated.

If you wish to update the firmware, download the update package ( into the SD Card. Once the file is there, insert the loaded SD card into the SD card slot.

Next, once connected to your vehicle, a popup will show indicating that a micro SD card has been detected. From here, check the option “Wipe data and format flash”. Next, tap “Install” and wait for the update to finish. As soon as the update gets finished, your unit will restart!

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