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BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE
In-Depth Review

The New BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE Dash Cam

The BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE is one of the most talked-about dash cams of 2020. After all, it is the first BlackVue dash cam with built-in 4G cellular connectivity. BlackVue first announced the DR750-2CH LTE at SEMA in November 2018. Since then, the model has gone through multiple cycles of testing and modifications, mainly to tackle the complexities of the different network carriers and certifications.

An Upgraded BlackVue DR750S-2CH?

The DR750-2CH LTE is an upgraded version of the old DR750S-2CH dash cam - it comes with all the features you would find on the DR750S. It comes with the same resolution, viewing angle, image sensors, frame rate and bitrate. And just like the DR750S, the DR750-LTE also comes with SD card failure alert, sub-stream technology, built-in WIFi and GPS, and proximity sensor.

It also comes with BlackVue’s premium parking mode recording options (including configurable motion detection zones and time-lapse with buffered recording). In terms of memory card capacity, the DR750-LTE is compatible with microSD cards up to 256GB.

The main difference is that the DR750 LTE comes with a built-in nano-SIM card reader.

Key Features

  • 1080p Full HD at 60FPS
  • 139° Wide-Angle Lens
  • 2.1 MP Sony STARVIS CMOS image sensors
  • Super Night Vision
  • Built-in 4G LTE connectivity
  • Live View (Driving/Parking)
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Driving/Parking Impact Notification
  • Automatic Cloud backup and storage
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Configurable motion & impact detection
  • Proximity sensor


  Dual-channel (front & rear) coverage
  1080p Full HD at 60FPS
  Built-in nano-SIM tray for hassle-free 4G LTE connectivity
  Real-time vehicle tracking via Cloud
  Driving & Parking Impact Notification
 Unobtrusive, modern design


Not 4K UHD

Discover all the specs and features of the DR750-2CH LTE.

Our Video Review

Image Quality & Recording Capabilities

The DR750-2CH LTE sports a 2.1MP Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, just like the DR750S-2CH, giving you reliably clear images in all sorts of light situations, including low light environments. The DR750 LTE records in 1080p Full HD video clarity at 60 frames per second. H.264 video codec to ensure compatibility with a broader range of playback devices.

Yes, it’s not 4K. But don’t brush off 60FPS because it does give you smoother, more fluid video playback with noticeably less blurring and stuttering. Another benefit, and probably the most important, of 60FPS is the ability to slow the video down for ultra-smooth slow-motion video playback. If you’re into racing and drifting events, 60FPS is your friend.

Learn more about the difference between 60FPS and 4K on our blog: 4K or 60FPS - Which is more important?

And like we mentioned earlier, you can expect the same 139° viewing angle and 4 different bitrate settings as you would from the DR750S.

The DR750-2CH LTE is only offered in the 2-channel variant at this time, giving you a full front and rear coverage. The rear camera is the same rear camera you would find the DR750S-2CH as well as the DR900S-2CH: a 2.1MP Sony STARVIS CMOS camera that gives you a 139° capture of the traffic behind in Full HD 1080p, 30FPS.

In other words, you were looking for an upgrade to the rear camera, you won’t find it with the DR750-2CH LTE. But if you were hoping to upgrade but not keen on rewiring all the cables, you can simply swap out the front units - the DR750S’ rear camera and cables are all compatible with the DR750-LTE front unit.

Is It Heat Resist?

One of the common concerns that some users have with BlackVue dash cams is the issue of overheating. We are aware that some dash cams do tend to heat up quite a bit, though not affecting the regular operation of the dash cam itself. But we understand that not everyone wants a toasty dash cam at the end of their drive.

Luckily, BlackVue built the DR750-2CH LTE with better thermals in mind. It is bigger than the old DR750S and the DR900S, that’s because of the extra room needed for the LTE chip and antenna. But because of the extra room, it allows for better ventilation. There are also more vent holes on the casing to help with overall heat dissipation.

Stay tuned as we will be putting the DR750-LTE to our Beat the Heat test shortly to see how well it fares in high heat temperatures.

Built-in 4G LTE

Now, the DR750-2CH LTE is the first BlackVue with built-in 4G LTE connectivity. Note that this is different from the X-Series that BlackVue has slated for release later this year. The X-Series comes with an external LTE dongle module, whereas the DR750-LTE comes with a built-in nano-SIM tray.

In other words, all you need to do is put an active SIM card into the tray to enjoy all the great features of BlackVue on the Cloud.

We know you’re thinking, if the DR750S already allows you to access the BlackVue on the Cloud, why upgrade to the DR750-LTE?

Previously, with the DR750S, to enjoy the Cloud features, you would need an Internet connection in the vicinity of the dash cam. Some users would fire up the WiFi hotspot on their smartphone, and some opt to invest in a portable mobile broadband device or a vehicle WiFi dongle and a dedicated data plan subscription.

The DR750-2CH LTE keeps things simple because it is a dash cam plus mobile WiFi device all in one. Just insert an active SIM card into the built-in nano-SIM card tray -and your dash cam is connected to the Cloud.

Learn how to install and activate your SIM card with the DR750-2CH LTE on our blog: From Box to Cloud in 7 Easy Steps.

Hassle-Free Cloud Connection

The benefit of the built-in cellular connection is you can get the most out of the BlackVue Cloud, such as parking incident push notifications, two-way voice communication and automatic Cloud backup. You are no longer relying on your phone’s hotspot or a broadband device to utilize the features entirely.

Say you run an independent delivery/courier service, and you need an affordable way to let your clients know your drivers’ location and ETA. With BlackVue Over the Cloud, you can monitor your vehicles on a map in real-time and talk to your drivers anytime through the BlackVue Viewer. And now, with the built-in connectivity, you don’t have to worry about investing in additional hardware - it’s all built into the dash cam.

Got a teen driver or two in your household? The built-in connectivity lets you stay connected to your kids, so you know where they are heading, how fast they are driving, etc. It works both ways, too - kids at home can check on your whereabouts from the BlackVue Viewer on the home computer to see how much longer until you’re home.

Yes, you could do all those with the DR750S-2CH. But for less than $100 more, the DR750-2CH LTE lets you do it all without the burden on your smartphone's battery (smartphone hotspot does kill the battery faster), or the need to invest in additional mobile hotspot hardware. The DR750-2CH LTE is a simple "set and forget" setup that you don't need to constantly guess if it's connected.

Check out all the innovative Cloud features BlackVue offers and imagine how you can enjoy them all hassle-free, with your new BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE.

Learn how to install and activate your SIM card with the DR750-2CH LTE on our blog: From Box to Cloud in 7 Easy Steps.

BlackVue App (iOS, Android) & Viewer (Windows/Mac)

The DR750-2CH LTE uses the same BlackVue App as the other BlackVue Cloud-enabled dash cams. For those new to BlackVue, the app is straightforward and intuitive. Easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse through your videos intuitively, either from the SD card or over the Cloud. With the BlackVue App, access your BlackVue’s videos over Wi-Fi or the Cloud and check realtime Live View for perfect positioning of your dashcam.

Already a BlackVue user? Did you know that BlackVue updated their mobile app a couple of months ago - the overall functionality has been improved! We have tested the DR750-2CH LTE with the BlackVue app, and the experience is pleasantly smooth and stress-free. The BlackVue App is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The DR750-2CH LTE is also compatible with the BlackVue Desktop Viewer, which is available in both Windows and Mac versions.

Installing the DR750-2CH LTE

If you are installing both the front and rear cameras of the DR750-2CH LTE, the stock connecting cable is 20 ft (6m), which is sufficient for most passenger vehicles. It comes with a SIM card tray removal tool, just like other SIM-enabled devices (i.e. iOS or Android smart devices). Out of the box, it comes with a 12V cigarette lighter cable that you can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket for power.

If you want to take advantage of the dash cam’s parking mode features, you get the standard hardwire kit or external battery options. The DR750-2CH LTE is compatible with the BlackVue Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit, as well as the Cellink NEO and the BlackVue Power Magic Battery Pack B-124X. You would install the DR750-LTE the same way you would for most other BlackVue bestsellers.

Again, if you already have the DR750S-2CH or the DR900S-2CH in your vehicle, simply replace your existing front camera with the DR750-2CH LTE front unit. All rear cameras and connecting cables are compatible.

Can I Use the Same Cables If I'm Upgrading?

The DR750-2CH LTE is essentially the DR750S-2CH with a built-in nano-SIM card reader. Connectivity aside, in terms of image quality and features, the DR750-2CH LTE and the DR750S-2CH are virtually the same.

With that said, upgrading from the BlackVue DR750S-2CH is as easy. The rear camera and all the connecting cables are the same - giving you the option to leave existing wiring intact and simply just replace the front unit. Upgrading from the DR750-2CH IR or the BlackVue DR900S-2CH? You can reuse your existing cable setup, too. One thing to note is, the DR750-LTE is currently offered in a dual channel dash cam bundle only, and there is no option to purchase just the front camera.

An upgrade is worth if...

You rely on the Cloud features
You need an always-connected solution for your dash cam and vehicle(s)
You are looking for a dash cam + hotspot all-in-one solution
You will want to be able to Facebook, Whatsapp, Waze, Spotify, Instagram or other apps on your phone while it’s connected to the dash cam

Common Customer Questions & Recommendations

We would like to end this follow-up review with several customer questions and feedback.

1) Where do I get a SIM card?

The BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE is compatible with micro-SIM cards from the following networks:

  • USA: AT&T, T-Mobile
  • Canada: Bell, Rogers, Telus

2) How much data do I need?

You are only using data when you're connected to BlackVue Over the Cloud - video recording does not require data. In other words, until you connect to the Cloud, you're not using any data.

With that said, how much data you need depends on how often you connect to the Cloud. Here are some basic data consumption estimates from BlackVue:

In other words, if you’re a light Cloud-user and you only use the Cloud for remote live view or as backup storage, then you can get by with 2GB a month. However, if you are always connected to the Cloud, utilizing all the Cloud features to the max, then we recommend a data subscription plan that gives you more GB (i.e. 4GB). It’s also a good idea to inquire about over-usage charges or on-demand upgrades.

Final Verdict

Just when everyone is turning to 4K UHD, BlackVue gives us another 1080p Full HD dash cam. But what’s different about this dash cam is the built-in 4G LTE connectivity. For those who are looking for the best resolution available and don’t care much about Cloud features, then we recommend checking out the VIOFO A129 Pro or the IROAD X10 instead. The Thinkware U1000 or the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is superb 4K UHD Cloud-ready dash cameras, but if hassle-free Cloud connectivity is what you’re looking for, the DR750-2CH LTE is worth a serious look.

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