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Our Summer Savings Splash is now ON!
We donated over $12,000 to RAPS to support Postmedia Network's Support & Buy Local Auction - - BlackboxMyCar

We donated over $12,000 to RAPS to support Postmedia Network's Support & Buy Local Auction

As we celebrate our 11th year anniversary at BlackboxMyCar, we've been reflecting on our journey and the community that's been instrumental in our growth. It's been a transformative journey, one that not only led to business growth but also instilled in us a deep sense of responsibility towards our community. We believe in giving back and contributing to the fabric of our society, especially to the local nonprofits that work tirelessly to make our surroundings better.

Supporting these organizations is our way of expressing gratitude and reciprocating the support we've received from the community. So this year, we've decided to extend our support to a special organization that holds a close place in our hearts - Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS), a registered charity that operates the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, the RAPS Adoption & Education Centres, and the full-service RAPS Animal Hospital.

The Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a registered charity that operates the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, the RAPS Adoption & Education Centre, a fostering network, thrift stores, and the full-service RAPS Animal Hospital. RAPS is proud to be a no-kill organization, which is why they have built a strong and devoted community of animal-loving allies, including BlackboxMyCar.

We ❤️ RAPS!

We stand with RAPS in protecting the animals, plus the vehicles used to transport their needs. So last January, we at BlackboxMyCar donated a Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Dash Cam and a BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack to aid their travel security for veterinary care and emergencies.

Because of the success of our last partnership, we're doing it again, and this time, we're supporting RAPS' partnership with Postmedia Network Inc., the organization that publishes the Vancouver Sun! Every year, Postmedia Network Inc. runs an event called Support-and-Buy-Local-Auction. This is a way for local businesses to list their products for British Columbians, from jewelry, local experiences, art and home décor.

We've listed a number of packages worth over $12,000+ on this auction, with the proceeds being donated to RAPS which will in turn be used as their marketing support to promote their fantastic services.

In support for said program, BlackboxMyCar will donate 16 separate packages of Nextbase 522GW dash cams, Nextbase 128GB SD Cards, Nextbase CPL Filters, Nextbase External GPS’s, Nextbase Hardwire Kits, Nextbase Rear Cameras, and Nextbase Interior Cameras that sums up to a total of $12,078.88 CAD, with the proceeds benefiting the thrift stores and advertising efforts to promote the advocacy of RAPS.

BlackboxMyCar is committed to helping institutions and individuals in their advocacies. Special thanks to Nextbase and BlackboxMyCar’s management for going the extra mile to keep every journey protected, one vehicle at a time.

This donation marks BlackboxMyCar’s 11-year anniversary, giving back to the community in commemoration of the community that has taken us in and allowed us to thrive.

We want to thank Eyal and everyone at RAPS’ for sharing their story and showing us around the animal hospital, thrift stores, and the cat sanctuary. Visit the RAPS website to see how you can help, including helping them build a new Dog Sanctuary.

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