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What is a CPL Filter?

What is a CPL Filter?

A CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) filter is a lens you can put over your existing dash cam lens to reduce glare and reflection, which in turn improves video quality.

Vehicles with dashboards that have shiny or light-colored plastic tend to suffer from the most reflections which can be distracting and make details like license plates and vehicle makes/models harder to pick up - this issue is actually quite prevalent for many vehicles.

We found the need for the CPL filter to be even more relevant with newer cars that have a more raked back windshield. These windshields help with aerodynamics and pedestrian safety but can create much more glare than more vertical windshields. When the camera is mounted so far back, it catches all the glare and reflections from the dashboard between the lens and windshield.

It's also easy to slide the filter off of the camera if needed, such as during times when there aren't many light sources on the road. However, even at night, street lights can still cause the same sort of reflection as sunlight during the day - the CPL filter can help with that too. Overall if your vehicle is prone to dashboard reflections, we definitely recommend checking out this CPL filter.

Some dash cams that have CPL filter options include the Blackvue DR900S-2CH, VicoVation Opia 2, VIOFO A119/A119S, and Street Guardian SG9665GC V3.

If you have questions about whether the CPL filter is right for you, feel free to contact us at info@blackboxmycar.com.