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The Best Gifts For Father's Day 2020 - - BlackboxMyCar

The Best Gifts For Father's Day 2020

Father’s Day comes every year - and every year we scramble to find Father's Day gifts that are unique and creative. They say they do not need anything more clothes or accessories, yet every year we end up getting another tie or some random gadget off the shelves at Best Buy or Home Depot.

So, this year, to help you out, we have put together some Father's Day gift ideas for you all. We know what you’re thinking, “Great, another gift guide to talk about how great the U1000 is!”

While the Thinkware U1000 is an awesome dash cam, there are many other models out there that are perfect for dads - and best of all, they are all on sale now so you can save a few bucks - what better way to make dad proud!

1-Channel meaning it comes with just the front-facing camera

The DR900S is BlackVue’s 4K UHD offering - it captures stunning 4K UHD footage at a 162° ultra-wide angle, enough to let you see 3 lanes across and more. The DR900S is a WiFi and Cloud-enabled dash cam, and comes with a free BlackVue Over the Cloud account that keeps Dad and everyone else in the family connected at all times for Remote Live View, GPS Tracking, Cloud Backup Storage and Two-Way Voice Communication.

While the DR900S-1CH comes in different memory card variants, from No SD Card to 256GB, we are talking specifically about the 16GB variant.

Father's Day Deal

From now until June 30, take 10% off the DR900S-1CH 16GB model with code “BLACKVUE10” at checkout.

Regular: $329.99  | With Code: $269.99

* Also available in 1-Channel

The Q800PRO is Thinkware’s 2K QHD offering: recording in 2K QHD at a 140° viewing angle to provide the best coverage of the road. The Q800PRO is also a Cloud-ready dash cam and it comes with a free Thinkware Cloud account so that Dad can check on his car’s location as well as receive notifications right on his smartphone. And because the Q800PRO is a Thinkware dash cam, Dad can expect the best-in-class parking surveillance features the industry has to offer: including Energy Saving Parking Mode, Timelapse Recording and Motion/Impact Detection.

Father's Day Deal

From now until June 21, save $100 off the Q800PRO 1-Channel and 2-Channel models!

Regular: $399.99  | Promotion: $299.99

In other words, for the price of a regular Full HD dash cam you now can get twice the resolution and quality of a 2K QHD dash cam!

* Also available in 1-Channel

Many people prefer a screen dash cam but what we love about the X700 is the convenience of the touchscreen - no buttons, no dials, no guesswork. The X700 is a 1080p Full HD dash cam the covers the road ahead with a 140° viewing angle. Both the 1-Channel and the 2-Channel models are on sale, but if you’re getting Dad a screen dash cam, we recommend the 2-Channel.

Father's Day Deal

From now until June 21, save up to $100 off the X700 2-Channel model!

Regular: $249.99  | Promotion: $149.99

Whoa! That price is even more affordable than the dash cams in our Refurbished collection. And for the price of a regular X700 1-Channel you now can get front and back coverage with a 2-Channel.

Looking for a gift that will keep Dad busy? Is Dad a DIY-type of guy or loves to work on his car? Take Scotty Kilmer’s YouTube recommendation and get him the tool that changes everything - the ThinkOBD 100. A necessity in every car owner’s toolbox.

While the ThinkOBD 100 is an entry-level OBDII scan tool in ThinkCar’s lineup, it does more than your basic diagnostic tool! It is the same, if not smaller than most smartphones, so it fits comfortably on Dad’s palm. A simple 4-button navigation paired with the high-luminance 1.77” built-in screen allows for simple viewing and operation. Just plug the ThinkOBD 100 into the car’s OBDII port - no mobile app or software to install or learn; no batteries to charge.

It’s compatible with 1996 and newer gasoline vehicles as well as 12V diesels and light trucks that are OBDII compliant.

Our Best Price for Father's Day

The ThinkOBD 100 is available on BlackboxMyCar at $34.95.

* Also available in 1-Channel

If you’ve been following our Frontline Hero $10K Giveaway, you would be familiar with the Thinkware FA200 dash cam. It’s a WiFi-enabled dash cam that captures the road ahead in 1080p Full HD at a wide 140° view. With a heavy emphasis on Advanced Parking Surveillance features, anti-file corruption technology, integrated thermal protection and a free mobile app, the FA200 is one of the best entry-level models on the market.

Father's Day Deal

From now until June 21, save up to $30 off the FA200 2-Channel model!

Regular: $179.99  | Promotion: $149.99

You can pick up the 1-Channel for about $100 but for $40 more, you get the rear-facing camera, too! Now that’s a deal!

Yes, we are fully aware that it looks like high tech night vision binoculars from Sci-Fi films!

That rush of adrenaline when you first see the cops and realize you might get pulled over is never the kind of rush you want - and definitely not the rush we want for Dad. If your dad loves speed, then perhaps it’s time to get him a radar detector. But buying and hooking up a dash cam and a radar detector separately can get both expensive and complicated with the wiring and power.

Ta-da! Cobra has a 2-in-1 solution for you! The Cobra Road Scout is a dash cam radar hybrid with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Equipped with a Sony STARVIS image sensor, the dash cam is optimized for day and night recording, capturing the road ahead in 154° in Full HD.  

The Road Scout has an app integration with the Cobra iRadar app that allows Dad to share and receive speed trap and radar gun alerts from other drivers in the Cobra community, Dad also gets the Drive HD app that lets him view and edit dash cam footage right on his smartphone. And just the fact that it is a magnetic mount makes it very easy to hook or remove it if needed. The magnetic mount is surprisingly strong and not once did were there accidental fall-offs when we tested it.

Our Best Price for Father's Day

The Cobra Road Scout 2-in-1 is available on BlackboxMyCar at $449.99.

Perfect for Dads who live in HOT climates, drives HOT cars or are just simply, HOT

IROAD might be an unfamiliar name to North American consumers, but it is one of the top premium manufacturers in South Korea (the others being Thinkware and BlackVue) and is one of the best-selling brands in hot and humid countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. IROAD dash cams are known to be reliable in intense heat. How reliable? We threw it into our heat tank last month for a Beat the Heat test. The full video is available on our YouTube Channel.

From an all-glass lens to an improved casing, the X10 is highly durable and is ideal for hot summer months from Florida to California. And not to forget, the X10 is a 4K dash cam that captures the road in a 165° ultra-wide angle - you can be sure that Dad’s truly covered.

Father's Day Deal

From now until supplies last, get a free IROAD OBD-II Power Cable with a new IROAD X10, that’s a savings of at least $50!

What’s so special about the OBD Power Cable? It an easy plug-and-play solution that unlocks parking mode recording without needing to hardwire the dash cam to the car’s battery.

And it's not just for motorcycles!

Whether Dad’s a motorcycle enthusiast or a backcountry explorer, the water-resistant, weatherproof all-terrain front and rear camera system is sure to capture all of his adrenaline-filled adventures. Forget the hassle of checking whether or not the helmet cam or GoPro is recording the M1 is designed to start recording Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization makes shaky footage due to bumpy roads a thing of the past. Super Night Vision 2.0 ensures videos are recorded with minimal noise in all light situations, even at night. We have seen the M1 installed on motorcycles, ATV and UTV, but who said you can’t install it on a golf cart, motocross, go-kart or even a tractor.

Father's Day Deal

From now until June 21, save $150 off the M1 Motorsport Dash Cam!

Regular: $499.99  | Promotion: $349.99

Honestly, the M1 is probably the most fun and most versatile dash cam out there, and for that sweet price, it is guaranteed to put the sparkle in Dad’s eyes!

Sorry, we just had to put it in this gift guide for kicks!

If you are looking for the best of the best, then there is nothing better than the Thinkware U1000 2-Channel on the market now. It’s the highest resolution 2-channel system, giving Dad 4K UHD in the front and 2K QHD in the rear camera. It boasts many features that would put many other dash cams to shame: advanced energy-saving parking surveillance and advanced Cloud features.

Father's Day Deal

From now until June 21, save up to $100 off the U1000 4K UHD Dual Channel!

Regular: $499.99  | Promotion: $399.99

With the $100 you saved, you can throw in the U1000 Radar Sensor so Dad can get up to 7 days of parking surveillance coverage!

Let the shopping begin!

With all these Father’s Day deals happening now, we hope we have made shopping for Father’s Day presents a bit less stressful. And it doesn’t matter which gift you are getting Dad, you can take advantage of our Rocket Fast Shipping - door to door delivery in 2-4 days (that’s faster than many Amazon deliveries at this present time).

Did you know that you can save even more on shipping? Just enter Dad’s address at checkout and we will ship the dash cam right to him, saving you a trip to the post office! When you were growing up, how often did you hear your mother say, “just wait until your father gets home!” or ladies with kids, how often do you use that line on the kids? Well, wait until Dad gets home this Father’s Day weekend to find a dash cam at the doorstep!

This Father’s Day, skip the long lines at BestBuy and Home Depot, and shop at - just another way to show Dad he raised you right.

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