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Don’t Let a Broken Heart Break Your Car! - - BlackboxMyCar

Don’t Let a Broken Heart Break Your Car!

Oh, dear Valentine. If you’ve been hit by Cupid right, this romantic day will surely be filled with flowers, letters, chocolates, and presents. Some have waited for this occasion to take the next step in their relationship, and some even intend to propose! It’s surely an exciting one for many, but for those who have been dumped, gaslit, cheated on, or left with nothing but a broken heart? Valentine’s Day can do nothing but bring up old wounds.

If someone is in their emotionally draining heartbreak era, it might have crossed their mind to take revenge on the person who broke them by breaking their things, especially those they value the most – like their cars. It’s more common than you think, and dating experts even state: "Sometimes an act of mischief can bring a glimmer of satisfaction amidst the deep pain of a relationship ending.” For example, Carrie Underwood started her Before He Cheats music video with a keying scene, while Taylor Swift used a golf club to smash a vintage Shelby AC Cobra in her Blank Space video. Again, for revenge.

Still, it’s a form of violence, so we do not encourage it– anything that breaks cars and puts safety at risk is a BIG NO for us. So we’ll be expanding on ways to protect you and your vehicle.

Unfortunately, many people have been victims of heart-wrenching situations like this. Fingers crossed it won’t, but it can happen to you and me! Who knows? Even while you’re reading this blog, your car parked outside might already be at risk. Yikes!

We can still remember when one customer went to our office to have a Thinkware F770 2-channel dash cam and a Cellink Battery B installed in his car. His car, together with his girlfriend’s, had been keyed four times before deciding to install the dash cam. Just a few weeks later, they finally caught who the culprit was. None other than the ex-boyfriend of our customer’s girlfriend.

Through the front-and-rear dash cam, a recording of the ex-boyfriend showed how he exactly keyed and vandalized the car. He stomped on the exhaust several times, keyed the rear of the car up to the side and front, and even broke the car’s rear wiper! Everything, in broad daylight. His face was caught on the two-channel camera, and the footage became the key for our customer to find out who did it, while also receiving a total compensation of $3000 for the damages – thanks to his Thinkware and battery pack that helped in monitoring the car while it was parked.

This is just one of the countless real-life stories about cars broken by broken hearts. There’s always a possibility that scorned ex-lovers might key your car, leaving unsightly scratches that go beyond the surface – both in terms of your car's paint and the emotional toll it takes. They may slash and smash not only your heart, but also your car’s tires and windows. It’s true that people do their best for love, but they might also do the worst after.

Therefore, having a dash camera, especially those with multiple channel coverage, is the best option to keep your property (and peace of mind) protected – not just from crazy ex-partners, but from thieves, keyings, and vandals as well

As much as you want to protect it, you just can’t look after your vehicle and see what’s going on around it 24/7, so invest in a high-quality dash cam equipped with Parking Mode. This enables you to record whatever’s happening around your vehicle, even when you are away from the car and when the engine is off – best paired with a dash cam battery pack, similar to what our customer above had installed to extend parking mode functions. Moreover, if urgency is your priority and you want to be informed as soon as your camera detects something wrong, go for a Cloud dash cam with instant mobile notifications and alarms.

Beyond monitoring functions, video quality is also important, so choose a dash cam that can capture full HD, 2K QHD, or if you want the best? 4K quality with Super Night Vision, so you also get clear evidence even during low-light conditions. Criminals tend to do their groundwork at night, so we highly recommend getting a dash cam with advanced image sensors like the Sony STARVIS 2.

So this Valentine’s, whether you are celebrating it with someone special, or prefer to spend it alone, we hope that you stay safe and protected. If you are still thinking about what to give to your special someone this love month, go and check out our February Dash Cam Gift Guide Under $150, $300, and $500 and see what fits your needs!

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