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Does the A229 Pro have what it takes to be VIOFO’s flagship model? - - BlackboxMyCar

Does the A229 Pro have what it takes to be VIOFO’s flagship model?

It was the last month of 2022 when VIOFO announced the release of the A139 Pro – the first dash cam to have Sony STARVIS 2 sensors, capturing 4K UHD in front and available in up to three-channel configurations. More than getting the world’s most advanced image sensors, we also thought that this dash cam model would be another VIOFO crowd-pleaser due to its discreetness, clear video resolution and functions.

However, not even a year later, VIOFO announced the launch of the new A229 series, the A229 Plus and the VIOFO A229 Pro. While the A229 Plus gets a plus point above the A119 Mini 2 due to the front-rear options, the A229 Pro seems to overtake the A139 Pro in all aspects, attempting to take the “VIOFO’s Flagship Dashcam” Title. The question is – does the A229 Pro have what it takes? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the possible reasons why the new A229 Pro is worthy to be the flagship model of VIOFO.

We have been testing the dashcam for a few months now, and to be honest? We’re truly impressed. Let us share with you the top reasons why we think the dash cam deserves the title. Make sure to check out our in-depth Review of this model 

6 Reasons That Make the A229 Pro the Newest Flagship from VIOFO

Reason #1: It’s ergonomically designed.

When it comes to dash cam form factors, you know how we always prefer to keep it lowkey. The VIOFO A229 Pro’s wedge design, refined from similar, earlier A129 and A119 generations, keeps the dash cam hidden, measuring only 2.3 inches by 3.9 inches for the head unit and 2.64 x 1.33 inches for the rear.

The A139 models, on the other hand, had a wider body that takes up more space, with ports that go along the body, not as discrete.

Notably, we also love the static sticker it comes with, preventing sticky residue from forming on your windshield when moving the dash cam between vehicles, especially for ride-sharing services. Another thing you can get for free is the CPL filter, designed to keep the glares and reflections away! Learn more about CPL filters here. Admittedly, these are Viofo staples.

Reason #2: Video quality and resolution? Just cinematic.

When VIOFO said that the A229 Pro would be the best in its class, they meant it seriously, especially in terms of video quality and resolution. Now powered by the powerful Novatek 96529 CPU, the A229 Pro’s front camera records 4K Ultra HD footage with the Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 sensor and has a 140-degree field of view.

Similar to the previous VIOFO A139 Pro, the VIOFO A229 Pro front camera carries the same image sensor, the 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678. The rear camera of the A139 Pro sports a 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX291 sensor, while we noticed the more advanced VIOFO A229 Pro is equipped with a 5MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor for its rear camera — similar to the VIOFO A119 Mini 2’s sensor. This means that the rear camera of the A229 Pro captures clearer, crisper 2K QHD footage.

Talking about the interior cameras, the A229 Pro now records better interior footage with its upgraded 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX307, which includes an IR Cut Filter. The IR Cut Filter shifts filters automatically depending on light sensor data, screening out infrared rays in sufficient light to restore true colour and significantly reduce red or purple hue.

Night Vision is where the A229 Pro takes the lead. While both the A229 Pro and A139 Pro have HDR, it’s the A229 Pro has High Dynamic Range (HDR) for all three of its cameras. Not to mention, an upgraded Super Night Vision 2.0 for all of them too! Due to these features, the A229 Pro is showing better footage for night drives, specifically with better visibility in dimly lit areas, especially with the HDR and Super Night Vision supported 2K rear camera.

Another reason that makes the A229 Pro a flagship is its frame rates. One thing we noticed is that when the A139 Pro operates in 1, and 2-channel configurations, the front camera records at 4K at 30fps. However, when used in a 3-channel configuration, the front image quality will record 2160p at 24fps, as opposed to the 30fps above. The VIOFO A229 Pro’s frame rates remain the same, even if all 3 cameras are running!

Reason #3: Maximum Front, Rear, and Interior Protection.

The A139 series was VIOFO’s first shot at a triple-channel camera with 3 separate cameras. Now, they’ve brought that to the A229 Plus series as well, the first cameras of this design to support it. This allows the A229 Pro and A229 Plus to be versatile to a wide range of setups, from front-only, standard front and rear, to a full 3-channel setup for ridesharing and fleets.

The A229 Pro’s interior camera, which includes an infrared camera and improved HDR technology, provides extensive coverage within the vehicle, making it a reliable option for fleets, taxi drivers, rideshare drivers, or families who wish to monitor the entire cabin. Passengers can now travel with assurance, knowing that they are being protected from every perspective.

Reason #4: It watches you 24/7… and beyond.

Just like the rest of the VIOFO models, the A229 Pro stands out in terms of parking mode with its Buffered Parking Mode. In the case of an accident, the dash cam automatically switches to conventional event recording, capturing critical moments 15 seconds before and after the occurrence.

Additionally, Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording are also parking mode functions. All you need to do is install it through the VIOFO hardwiring kit and you’re good to go!

Reason #5: Now more communicative than ever.

The original A119 and A129 series communicated to you in beeps only, can you imagine that?! Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep. Needless to say, it was never clear what was going on with the camera, whether it was informing you that it wasn’t recording at all, or simply telling you that it registered the latest speedbump as an impact. Thankfully, the A139 series introduced Voice Communication, a given since it has no screen. While this was very helpful to communicate what was going on in its small little world, the A229s have taken this even further with Voice Commands, while also still having a physical screen.

These Voice Commands support a wide range of functions, from taking a picture, locking footage, to turning on the wifi, all hands-free as you shout at your cam, helping you keep your eyes on the road.

Reason #6: Fresh tech features within your reach.

Beyond that, the VIOFO mobile app integration provides real-time connectivity, allowing drivers to access and share footage rapidly on their phones. It’s not just the dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi that has been upgraded – the GPS too! The A229 Pro is the first dash cam to get a Quad-Mode GPS. Learn more about this new feature here.

Despite its advanced capabilities and video definition, the VIOFO A229 Pro is reasonably priced at $329.99 for dual-channel, and $359.99 for the triple-channel. Given that it records in Sony STARVIS 2 for both front and rear cameras, Super Night Vision, IR camera, Dual-band Wi-Fi, Quad GPS module, and Parking Mode, we can say that it is one of the best dash cams for the money in 2023, not just for VIOFO, but for the entire dash cam industry.

Looking for all the details on this model? Check out our in-depth review here.

Yes, the VIOFO A229 Pro is truly deserving to be the flagship VIOFO to date, and we’re excited about the long life that this camera will garner.

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