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Celebrating the End of Summer and Get Fall-Ready with BlackboxMyCar - - BlackboxMyCar

Celebrating the End of Summer and Get Fall-Ready with BlackboxMyCar

A change of seasons is upon us, is your vehicle ready for fall? Yes, there’s the fluid levels, oil, brakes, tires, battery, etc., and then there’s the crumbs and wrappers the kids had left in the backseat - ah, reminiscents of your epic summer road trip! But, what about a dash cam?

As we move closer to Fall, you’ll notice that the evening gets darker earlier and the sun rises slightly later; and since school is back in full swing, there will be more traffic and a lot of pedestrians on the road. Put two and two together and that’s how most accidents happen in the month of September.

While a dash cam will not help you avoid accidents on the road, but it will save you a lot of stress and headache if you should ever get involved in an accident. Don’t have a dash cam yet? Thinking of upgrading your current dash cam? Don’t wait until Black Friday! We currently have a couple of promotions that might be of interest to you.

End of Summer Promotions

Thinkware U1000 Giveaway

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win the new flagship dash cam from Thinkware!

Twice as powerful as the Q800PRO, the U1000 opens up a whole new world in dash cam possibilities with 4K UHD (front), 2K QHD (rear), Energy Saving 2.0 and Thinkware Cloud.

4% Off Your Order + 4% Cashback

Get 4% off your order, and 4% cashback credit* when you spend $250 on your next order with the code 'SEPT4'. Cashback credit will be delivered to your email as a coupon code within 24 hours.

Discover our best front & rear dash cams: Thinkware Q800PRO, BlackVue DR900S-2CH and the IROAD X9.

10% Off BlackVue Dash Cameras

Take 10% off select* BlackVue DR900S-1CH and DR750S-2CH variants while supplies last.

Experience the best of the best from BlackVue at the lowest prices of the year.

*Promotion is valid on the BlackVue DR900S-1CH (BlackVue 16GB) variant and BlackVue DR750S-2CH (BlackVue 64GB/BlackVue 128GB) variants.

10% Off Cellink NEO Battery Packs

For a limited time, take 10% off our all-new Cellink NEO battery pack, available as a powerful add-on for any of our dash cams.

Powered by LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), battery packs are perfect for people that park for longer periods of time where the vehicle's battery is not enough. Learn how to install it yourself here.

Expert Tips

If you already have a dash cam installed in your car, now is also a good time for some basic maintenance, because we’d hate to hear that someone was involved in an accident and their dash cam did not manage to capture the evidence on film!

  1. One thing you should do is re-format the memory card in your dash cam. Formatting can be done via the mobile app of the dash cam, or by plugging the memory card into your computer. If you need extra microSD cards, you can find some on
  2. You may also want to check the state of health of your dash cam’s external battery pack: Is it holding a charge? Is it dying out sooner than it’s supposed to? With kids back at school and you back at work, your car will spend a lot more time just sitting in a parking lot, in parking mode - that’s when the dash cam relies on the external battery pack to power its parking mode recordings.

If you need to pick up a new external battery pack, may we suggest the Cellink NEO. Powered by LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate, which makes it more environmentally friendly than the traditional Lithium-ion batteries), the Cellink NEO is one of the best external battery pack available on the market and it is smart - you can manage it with the Cellink app, and...we have a 10% Off Cellink NEO offer going on now.

And did we mention we now have a free shipping option? Introducing Rocket Fast 1-3 Day Shipping! We are now able to offer Free Rocket Fast Shipping across the contiguous US on orders over $150. Just select the [PROMO] FREE Rocket Shipping w/Tracking option at checkout and it’ll be in your hands in 1-3 days! Need to send us something? Free Rocket Fast Shipping works both ways so Returns, RMAs and ARMAs are eligible for free express shipping, too!

With the money and time saved by using the coupon codes and Rocket Fast Shipping (and did we mention it is Free?), you can enjoy the last bit of summer by treating yourself to some margaritas by the pool! Until next time, Happy Driving and Happy Recording!

Monthly Contests, Credits & Submissions

Monthly Dash Cam Video Contest

We’re always looking for content to share with our YouTube subscribers, customers, and fans.

If you have any dramatic accident footage, something funny or amusing, or any close calls, then we'd love to share it on our channel! Join us below.

This month, we've upped the prize! Winner will receive $150 in in-store credit monthly or $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Share Your Driving Footage

Purchased a dash cams recently? We'd love to see what visually appealing shots you've been able to capture with your dash cam!

We're compiling your best dash cam driving footage into video compilations to showcase the potential of our premium dash cams. Submit your footage today and we'll give you a $10 in-store credit for any item in our store.

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