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5 Car Care Tips for National Car Care Month

5 Car Care Tips for National Car Care Month

April is here, and spring is in the air! Now that the weather is warmer, it’s the perfect time to perform routine maintenance and checkups on your vehicle for National Car Care Month. Here are 5 car care tips to make your life easier.

Tip #1: Check your Fluids, Filters, and Service Parts

Vehicle maintenance doesn’t start and end at the oil change. Keeping your vehicle in top condition involves regular checks and maintenance of essential components subject to wear and tear, along with topping up any consumable fluids. This is crucial if you want your vehicle to serve you reliably while ensuring that it’s driving and riding as it should, and prevent any potential issues before they occur.

Standard Fluids and Filters to check include your engine oil, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant, along with your oil filter, cabin filter, fuel filter and air filter. Standard worn parts to check include your brake pads, vehicle battery, windshield wiper blades, and spark plugs. Of course, this will depend on your vehicle, and

If this all sounds too advanced for you, don’t worry. Consult a reputable mechanic or dealership, who can also advise on how often to check for these things on your specific vehicle. While your vehicle’s owner’s manual typically contains a maintenance schedule outlining the manufacturer’s suggested checkup windows, you may need to adjust this depending on your vehicle's use, as these intervals are typically based on ideal conditions.

Also, it’s always worth getting your car checked out ASAP if you see, hear, or feel anything unusual.

If you’re running a dash cam with parking mode in your vehicle, you may notice that your car battery wears out slightly quicker. Fortunately, dash cam battery packs like our PowerCell 8 will alleviate this issue by providing your dash cam with a dedicated key-off power source, allowing you to enjoy the added protection of parking mode without accelerating the wear-and-tear on your car battery.

Tip #2: Check your Tires

Regularly checking your tire pressure is crucial for vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and tire longevity. Even small deviations from the recommended tire pressure can lead to poor handling, increased tire wear, higher fuel consumption, and potential damage to your other vehicle components, leading to hefty repair bills. While you can often rely on your vehicle’s built-in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), this will often only notify you when pressures are dangerously low, and you’ll likely be subject to the effects well before that warning is active.

Aside from tire pressure, it’s equally as important to check the age and condition of your tires to reduce the likelihood of blowouts. Besides making sure your tires have ample amounts of tread, automakers also recommend regularly inspecting tires that are at least 6 years old, and replacing them if any bulges or cracks are found. Any tires that are at least 10 years old should be replaced as soon as possible. You can check the age of a tire by locating the 4-digit manufacturing date code on the sidewall, where the first two digits are the week, while the last two digits are the year.

While various tools are available to measure tire pressure, the simplicity and reliability of a pencil tire gauge make it an invaluable addition to your car care toolkit. Our Pencil Tire Gauge is designed for ease of use, accuracy, and portability, ensuring you can check your tires' pressure anytime, anywhere. Compact, easy to use, and precise, it's an essential tool for every driver. Get your pencil tire gauge today to ensure your tires are always in top condition and enhance your driving experience.

Check out the BlackboxMyCar Tire Gauge here.


Tip #3: Keep Tools Handy for Quick Repairs

A meticulous approach to car care includes being prepared for various maintenance tasks and quick fixes. As we use our vehicles, sometimes we may unexpectedly encounter issues at inopportune moments and need to respond quickly so we can get back on our way.

Our 21-in-1 Screwdriver and Multi-Tool Set are essential additions to any car owner's toolkit, offering unmatched versatility and convenience. From basic tasks like attaching license plates, changing light bulbs, and looking for dropped items in the dark, to minor repairs like reattaching loose hoses under the hood, these multi-functional items ensure you have the right tools at your fingertips. Their compact design makes them easy to store in your glove compartment, trunk, or under-seat storage, ensuring they’re available when you need them.

Beyond their practicality, these tools embody the DIY spirit of car care, empowering you to take charge of your vehicle's upkeep and make minor repairs. Invest in the BlackboxMyCar 21-in-1 Screwdriver and Multi-Tool Set, embracing a proactive approach to maintaining your vehicle's functionality no matter where you are.

Tip #4: Add a Wireless Phone Mount

Caring for your car extends beyond regular maintenance and cleaning; it also involves equipping it with accessories that enhance safety and convenience. Enter the BlackboxMyCar 4-in-1 Safety Wireless Mount, a multifunctional device that seamlessly integrates with your daily driving and routine.

Designed for the modern driver, this versatile mount secures your smartphone within view, preventing distracted driving. It not only secures your smartphone to help prevent distracted driving, but also charges it wirelessly, ensuring you stay connected and powered up on the go.

Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging. The mount's Qi-certified wireless charger provides fast and efficient power to your device, keeping you connected and powered up without the hassle of plugging it in. Furthermore, with its unique motorized smartphone clamp, there’s no need to fumble around to ensure it has a good grip.

Car care is synonymous with preparedness, and this mount contributes significantly with its built-in essential safety features. Whether you need to cut a seatbelt or break a window in an emergency, the mount's integrated tools are readily accessible, underscoring your commitment to safety. Check out the BlackboxMyCar 4-in-1 Safety Wireless Mount here.

Tip #5: Outfit your vehicle with a dash cam

Now that we’ve finished ensuring your vehicle is in good working order, it’s essential to ensure it stays protected so it can continue to serve you reliably. A dash cam is a vital tool for any vehicle, providing concrete evidence when an accident occurs.

In our world of distracted driving, self-driving vehicles, and new threats around every corner, dash cams are more crucial than ever. They provide a silent witness to watch over your every move. Still, not all cameras are built the same, so here are some tips on what to look for in a dash camera.

Look for High-Quality Video Recording: When it comes to capturing license plates and other small details, every pixel matters. That’s why we recommend high-quality dash cams, offering 4K or 2K image quality, outfitted with the latest image sensors.

Look for Multi-Channel Cameras: While having a front-facing camera is much better than none, it’s vital to get the whole picture. A rear camera is essential to protect all angles of your vehicle, and some even consider interior-facing IR cameras, or multi-camera setups to cover the sides as well.

Look for Parking Mode: Accidents don’t just happen on the road; they can happen even when your car is parked and unattended. Dash cams with parking mode will keep an eye on your vehicle in these situations, allowing you to catch hit-and-run culprits. They are also ideal for combating the rise in vehicle break-ins and vandalism.

We’ll still be adding more car care items to our lineup, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay current!

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