[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119
[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119
[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119
[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119
[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119
[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119

[Free 16GB Promo] VIOFO A119

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  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Accessories
  • Summary

    The A119 is a compact 1-Channel dashcam from the renowned dash cam manufacturer Viofo. This is one of the top-reviewed dashcams of late-2016 and combines a sleek design with high quality components and amazing video quality. It takes advantage of the latest Novatek 96660 chipset and OmniVision OV4689 video sensor to deliver 2K (2560 x 1440) recording at 30 frames per second. These high end components are paired with a super capacitor and plenty of cooling vents on the A119's discreet body that makes it an ideal choice for hotter climates. The A119 is also equipped with a 2.0" screen, a user-friendly button interface, and a GPS antenna that's built into the adhesive mount.


    Stay tuned for our review of the A119! If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.
    Sample Video: A119


    2K Resolution

    The Viofo A119 is capable of recording at a maximum 2560 x 1440P Resolution

    High Frame Rate

    At 1080P Full HD, the A119 can record up to 60 Frames Per Second for smooth blur-free recording.

    High Bitrate Recording

    The Novatek 96660 Chipset allows the A119 to record at an impressive 20 Megabits per second.

    Wide Angle Glass Lens

    A 160* wide angle lens ensures that everything through the front windshield is captured. The A119 is also unique in that it has up/down as well as left/right adjustment on the lens housing.

    Capacitor Based Power Supply

    A battery-free capacitor based design helps the A119 perform safely in hot environments and is generally found on higher end dashcams.

    Premium Wedge Shape Design

    The A119's compact all-black design blends in easily on most vehicles .

    Built-in G-Sensor

    The G-Sensor can lock accident and event files to prevent overwriting .

    Built-In GPS

    The GPS of the A119 is discreetly built into the adhesive mount and logs location and speed data. It can also be used to automatically sync the time

    128GB Micro SD Card Support

    With the high bitrate recording, 64 and 128GB cards are recommended. With a 128GB micro SD card, the A119 can hold almost 12 hours of 2K 1440P video.

    2.0” LCD Screen

    Playback video and change settings using the LCD screen and buttons

    What is included?

    • VIOFO A119 Dash Cam
    • GPS Mount & Non-GPS Mount
    • USB Cable
    • Cigarette Adapter Power Cable
    • Mounting Clips
    • User Manual
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • Specifications

    Resolution 1440P @ 30 FPS
    1080P @ 60FPS or 30 FPS
    GPS Built-In
    Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) N/A
    G-Sensor Built-In
    Wide Angle View 160°
    Operating Temperature -20 ~ 65°C (-4°F - 149°F)
    Loop Recording Yes
    Maximum SD Card 128GB
    LCD Built-In (2.0")
    Wi-Fi N/A
    Microphone Built-In
    Speaker Built-In
    File Format .MP4
    Country of Origin China
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Optional Accessories

    Cellink Battery B

    The new Cellink B with the safest battery technology using LiFePO4. Extremely fast charging in about 1 hour, it can last up to 72 hours to power your car dash cam (model dependent).

    BlackboxMyCar Add-A-Fuse/Fuses

    The Add-A-Fuse allows for a cleaner install and is required in certain applications. 2 are needed for a hardwiring install (1 for ACC and 1 for constant).

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