Multi Safer Hardwiring Kit
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Multi Safer Hardwiring Kit

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    The Multi Safer hardwiring kit offers superior voltage detection and is the best choice for anyone looking to install a dashcam on their auto start/stop enabled vehicle. It can also be hardwired with just the constant power fuse instead of both constant and accessory. 

    For a comparison between the Power Magic Pro and the Multi Safer, click here

    Optional Add-A-Fuse is recommended for installations.


    Check out our comparison of the Power Magic Pro and the Dash Cam Battery packs. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.
    Multisafer Review
    What is Hardwiring?
    How to Hardwire
    How to Configure Timer/Voltage Settings


    The Best Choice for Hardwiring

    The Multi-Safer is the best choice for hardwiring on vehicles with sensitive electronics and auto start/stop technology

    Battery Voltage Cut-Off

    The Multi-Safer monitors your vehicle's battery voltage and cuts off to prevent it dropping below a certain point

    Timer Discharge Protection

    The Multi Safer can be configured to cut off after 6/12/24 hrs or infinite depending on the user preferences

    Manual On/Off Switch

    A multi-booting switch on the Multi Safer lets you bypass it so that the dashcam is only powered when the ignition is on (acc mode)

    Multiple Voltage Configurations

    The Multi Safer can be set at 11.6V, 11.8V, 12.0V, or 12.2V depending on the user preferences

    Superior Detection Accuracy

    The margin of error on the voltage detection of the Multi Safer hardwiring kit is only +/- 0.05V

    What is included?

    • Multi Safer Hardwiring Kit
    • Adhesive Tape Mount
    • 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty from
  • Specifications

    Rated Output Voltage 11.8 - 14.0V DC
    Output Current 1A (Max 2A)
    Output Voltage Cut-Off 11.6 - 12.2V (+/- 0.05V)
    Output Timer Cutoff 6 Hrs - Infinity
    LED Built-In
    Country of Origin Korea Republic
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Installation Guide

    Here are some resources to help you install this Accessory. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at Team BlackboxMyCar.

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