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Thinkware Q800PRO Review


Thinkware, one of the largest dash cam manufacturers in the world, has just introduced a new flagship model called the Thinkware Q800PRO! We’ve been testing this unit for a couple of weeks now and are happy to report our first impressions of this dash cam.

The Thinkware Q800PRO is a 2-channel dash cam boasting all the features of its predecessor, the F800 Pro, but with a quad-HD 2K (1440p) resolution for its front facing unit.

What's in the Box

When unboxing the Thinkware Q800PRO, one will notice that the packaging and contents bears many similarities to the F800 Pro. It is packaged with a 32GB microSD card, a cigarette power cable, microSD to SD card adapter, a quick-start guide, a spare mounting adhesive, and accompanying cable clips.

For parking mode capability, the optional Thinkware hardwiring kit can be selected upon checkout. The addition of a rear-facing camera is possible as well to make this a 2-channel system.

Sleek Design

The Thinkware Q800PRO has a sleek design that is identical to the outgoing F800 Pro with very subtle differences. It boasts a noticeably larger lens, a slightly rubberized exterior and buttons that are now a matte black finish (polished black color on the F800 Pro). Its slim profile design makes this one of the most discreet dash cams in the market.

2K Recording

New to the Thinkware Q800PRO and the highlighted feature from this particular camera is the substantially greater resolution. Utilizing a larger lens and a newer version Sony Exmor R STARVIS imaging sensor with 5.14 megapixels, the Thinkware Q800PRO now features 2560 x 1440 resolution recording. This is commonly known as 1440p, 2K or Quad HD (as it has 4x the resolution of 720p recording). Video quality is notably more crisp and it is easier to read license plates and road signs upon playback.

Parking Mode

Just like before, the Thinkware Q800PRO automatically starts recording in continuous driving mode when the car engine is started. If an impact or motion is detected near the vehicle while driving or while parked, the impact recording feature automatically saves the impact file specifically, so that it doesn’t get overridden by normal continuous driving mode. This clip will be pre-buffered, and will also include the previous 5-10 seconds prior to the impact taking place.

The cameras are also equipped with motion detection parking mode, timelapse recording and energy saving parking mode. We have more on the Q800PRO’s various parking mode functions here(link to F800 Pro 3 different parking mode).

Easy to Connect via WiFi

The camera comes with an easy-to-use mobile app and built-in Wifi capabilities, allowing it to provide automatic connection after pressing the WiFi button on the device. The Thinkware smartphone app allows you to view real time footage, review and download previous footage as well as change settings. The PC viewer is also very well integrated which allows you to find and view videos frustration-free, and easily allows you to upgrade to the latest firmware version as well!

Energy Efficient

The electric consumption of the Thinkware Q800PRO  is a lot lower than other similar dash cams, at just 2.9W. In order to protect the vehicle’s battery, battery discharge prevention technology automatically detects and cuts off voltage when it drops below a certain point, so that the vehicle’s battery does not die. (this voltage cutoff point is adjustable in the settings).

Don't Miss Out!

The Thinkware Q800PRO is the new flagship product from Thinkware and therefore places it among the top of our premium systems. However, you certainly get more for your money with the Q800PRO, as it is only marginally more expensive than its predecessor but double the recording resolution. This camera continues to promote Thinkware’s high level of reliability combined with top-performance.

We are happy to recommend the Thinkware Q800PRO to all those searching for an uncomplicated, low-maintenance dash cam with all the advanced specs/features of our most popular systems, combined with 2K QHD recording.

Customers already using an F800 Pro and looking to upgrade do not need to worry, as upgrading to the Thinkware Q800PRO is stress-free. The front camera mount, rear-facing camera and cables all remain unchanged so installation requires the removal of the F800 Pro front unit from its mount, and putting the Q800PRO in its place.

Order today and take advantage of our special promos. Don’t miss out on what is sure to become one of the new market favourites for 2019!

Thinkware Q800PRO Review

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