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Thinkware FA200 IRC First Look

Rideshare and fleet drivers rejoice, the quintessential entry-level dual channel front and infrared interior cabin dash cam system is finally here in the form of our exclusive BlackboxMyCar Edition Thinkware FA200 IRC.

This partnership with Thinkware marks the turning point in brand identity and solidifies BlackboxMyCar as THE source for the best and most innovative automotive safety recording technologies. Already having made our Best of 2018 dash cam list, the FA200 IRC is an amazing new device. Not only is this HD dual channel dash cam budget friendly, but the IRC (Infrared Camera) allows for incredibly low light interior recording, providing you with invaluable peace of mind for not only yourself and your passengers, but the inside and outside of your vehicle as well!

When it comes to the technical details of the Thinkware FA200 IRC, the value for money really makes itself clear, including Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS facing forward and HD 720P @ 30 FPS with Infrared pointing into the cabin. The FA200 IRC can take advantage of up to 128gb of Micro SD storage which means approximately 20 hours of continuous footage from both cameras. And finally, with the smartphone app/Wifi feature, footage can be easily downloaded or viewed on your smartphone.

The technology that goes into Thinkware’s dash cams is truly on display when it comes to their Parking Mode suite. A number of recording modes come with the camera by default, with varying degrees and methods of protecting your vehicle when you’re not there. The Thinkware cameras always run very light on battery use, just barely sipping at the power, but as usual, we always recommend a Cellink NEO Battery Bundle with every dash cam for added peace of mind.

Rideshare operators will also love the Infrared Camera as it helps keep another, always on, set of eyes on you and your passengers. With the FA200 IRC running, you'll be able to see what goes on within and around your vehicle whether you're there or not.

Stay tuned for our full review and video of the Thinkware FA200 IRC in action!

Thinkware FA200 IRC First Look

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