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Infrared Cameras and Why You Need Them

Infrared Cameras and Why You Need Them

Infrared dash cams offer the ability to record under total darkness, offering invaluable video evidence in these cases. If you are a rideshare driver or someone who makes frequent trips in low light conditions, an infrared dash cam should be something to consider.

There are situations where you think your car is safe and there’s no need to worry about accidents or theft during your carshare experience. Passengers can easily make untrue claims against drivers, as can other parties if you get involved in an accident. Not to worry, there is hope for drivers everywhere, coming in the form of a simple tool that’s widely available and very affordable.

Infrared interior cameras are able to offer you a silent witness protection. These cameras are built for a better image quality during night-time recording, which are useful for the interior of the vehicle. These IR dashcams are popular and useful among Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, Taxi Drivers, or any business that wish to record the inside the vehicle of the driver and the occupants.

We also carry an externally mounted infrared dash cam, which is useful for large truck drivers to record the rear of their vehicles. Of course, this product is fully weatherproof.

At BlackboxMyCar, we offer both the interior and exterior options. Our most popular options, would be the Blackvue DR750S or the Thinkware F770/X550 with IR rear camera solution.

Secure your vehicle today with one of our Rideshare Bundles, and make sure you're covered from all angles by your very own silent witness onboard. See our fantastic bundles below, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Also, be sure to check out our individual IR interior cameras here as well!