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Setting Up with a Cellink NEO Battery Pack

From EGEN, One of the Largest Battery Manufacturers in the World

Setting Up a Cellink NEO Battery Pack

The Cellink NEO Battery Pack is a battery from EGEN, who is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. This battery pack provides extended parking-mode duration, eliminates the wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s battery and is an alternative to hardwiring to your fusebox in general.

With a large 76.8 Wh capacity, the Cellink NEO provides about 15-30 hours of power for a typical one-channel device and about 20-30 hours for a dual-channel device.

The large range of duration is dependent on which dash cam is being used. See below:


BlackVue DR590W Series
DR590W-1CH: 35 Hours
DR590W-2CH: 22 Hours

BlackVue DR750S Series
DR750S-1CH: 30 Hours
DR750S-2CH: 20 Hours

BlackVue DR900S Series
DR900S-1CH: 26 Hours
DR900S-2CH: 16 Hours


Thinkware FA200
FA200-1CH: 40 Hours
FA200-2CH: 30 Hours

Thinkware F770
F770-1CH: 28 Hours
F770-2CH: 21 Hours

Thinkware F800 Pro
F800 Pro-1CH: 46.1 Hours
F800 Pro-2CH: 30 Hours


X9-2CH: 25 Hours

Output Cable Variations For Compatibility

For more information on general hardwire installation with your dash cam, please learn more in our step-by-step battery installation guide.

The Cellink NEO Battery Pack has a couple of options for its output cables, which is the cable that connects the battery to the dash cam. That makes this battery pack extremely versatile as it allows the NEO to be compatible with many dash cams in the market. The most common selection for our customers is a spliced hardwire output cable, which provides compatibility with all Thinkware devices. One end of this cable connects to the Cellink NEO while the other end goes directly to the dash cam.

Confused? No Need to Worry!

When you purchase a dash cam from our collection with a battery pack, our product experts make sure that we add the right cable for you to make life simple. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact our product experts.

Thinkware Dash Cams

Spliced Hardwire Output Cable

The most common selection for our customers is a spliced hardwire output cable, which provides compatibility with all Thinkware devices. One end of this cable connects to the Cellink NEO while the other end goes directly to the dash cam.

BlackVue / VIOFO Dash Cams

12V Cigarette Socket

Another selection is a 12V cigarette socket, which is connected to the dash cam’s 12V cigarette adapter. This is common for most dash cams that are not Thinkware, including devices such as: BlackVue and VIOFO.

Thinkware Dash Cams

Unspliced 3-Wire Output Cable

The final selection is an unspliced 3-wire output cable, which is made for those who want to splice wires together for themselves, depending on their dash cams needs.

This is basically an untouched version of the spliced hardwire output cable mentioned above, as what we do is splice the 3-wires to the hardwire kit for Thinkware dash cams.

For More Power, Try an Expansion Pack

If you want even more power, make sure to check out the Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack, which is an extended battery pack that is connected to the regular NEO.

The Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack doubles the total power capacity and offers the maximum protection.

If you have any questions, our in-house product experts are to help. Contact us with your questions today and we'll get back to you in under 24 hours.

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Setting Up with a Cellink NEO Battery Pack | Dash Cam How To Installation Guide

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