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Setting Up with the BlackVue Power Magic Pro

For All BlackVue Dash Cams

Setting Up with the Power Magic Pro

Hardwiring your dash cam to the vehicle’s fusebox is one of the most common installation methods to power on your dash cam when the vehicle is off, thus offering parking-mode recording (for dash cams that have the feature).

Hardwiring kits are available for our dash cams and has become widely popular over the years for drivers who wants protection for their vehicles 24/7. They provide power to your dash cam, and allow your dash cam to be your silent witness when you're not there.

The BlackVue Power Magic Pro is the standard hardwire kit option for all BlackVue dash cams in order to achieve parking-mode recording. The Power Magic Pro uses 3 wires that need to be attached to the vehicle’s fusebox.

What You'll Need


Socket Wrench

Essential Kit

Electrical Tape


Car Manual

Attaching the Wires

Similar to how we have laid out our instructions within our step-by-step hardwiring guide, the yellow wire attaches to a constant fuse, the red wire attaches to an ignition-switched fuse and the black wire attaches to a ground bolt.

The general instructions for hardwiring remains the same here: we recommend the fuses be between 10-30A and to refer to the vehicle owner’s manual so as to avoid fuses that pertain to safety features.

Voltage Cut-off Settings

After connecting it, the voltage cutoff settings can be adjusted on the Power Magic Pro itself via the white tabs on its side. Here's a diagram that shows the voltage and timer cutoff levels. You have the option of selecting:

  • 12.0V
  • 12.5V
  • 22.8V
  • 23.2V

For most vehicles, 12.0V should provide about 6-8 hours of power after the car turns off and still offers enough juice for the vehicle to start up again. During very cold weather, we recommend setting this to 12.5V.

Timer Cut-off Settings

A timer can be set for 6/12/24/36/48/72/120 hours. You will also have the option of setting this at infinity, which will allow you to get the maximum amount of parking mode as there is no predetermined time restriction. However, the power will be cut as soon as the battery’s voltage drops below the low voltage cut-off threshold regardless of the timer setting.

Parking Mode Switch

You can toggle parking mode on/off with the flip of a switch:


Dash cam will be powered when the vehicle is off, until the low voltage cut-off or the timer cut-off limit is reached.


Dash cam will not be powered when the vehicle is off.

From here, you simply need to attach the dash cam’s 12V male cigarette adapter to the Power Magic Pro’s cigarette socket. This then becomes the connection between the hardwire kit and the dash cam. For a typical vehicle, parking-mode duration at the recommended settings above will be about 6-8 hours before the voltage cutoff kicks in.

The BlackVue Power Magic Pro is compatible with all BlackVue dash cams, new or old. For more parking mode duration (15+ hours), you can consider towards a dash cam battery pack such as the BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our product experts today.

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