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Dash Cams for Field Service Management

Here at BlackboxMyCar, we envision protecting every vehicle, driver, passenger, and delivery, one dash cam at a time. Whatever your business is, we assure you that there’s a perfectly suited dash camera for your fleet, no matter how big or small it is.

Discover how you can manage and protect your fleet investment.

Dash Cams for Field Service Management

Do you find it difficult to manage your vehicle, drivers, and schedule in your day-to-day field operations? From repairing appliances, providing plumbing services, HVAC maintenance, and electrical services, the demands of your clients are 24/7, which requires more travelling, coordination, and security than on-site workers. Beyond mobile operations, working in the field can also expose your company to risk, especially when assigned to unfamiliar locations for long hours.

Why Equip Your Field Service Management with Dash Cams?

1) Dash Cams Record Your Trips 24/7

Your work demands hours of travelling from one location to another, moving to your client’s whims. Damages that require field services such as broken appliances, electricity, or water systems happen in no specific time, so chances are you will have to drive in early mornings or late nights. We understand how you should always be on the go, and a dash cam can be a huge help to keep your drives protected from day to night, wherever your destination is.

2) Your Alternatives to CCTVs

Aside from protecting your vehicles and trips, dash cams can also function as security cameras when your vehicles are parked in the field, with maximized capabilities by dash cams with multiple channels. This added layer of security can deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access to your valuable field service materials.

Dash cam features like Time-Lapse mode capture continuous parking footage of, condensing hours or even days into minutes for easier review. This also allows project managers to closely monitor progress, promptly identify any delays, and ensure that construction timelines are consistently met.

3) Know Where Drivers and Vehicles Are

Suitable for your business that’s always on the go, dash cams have features like GPS tracking that allow you to monitor the location and movement of your fleet in real-time. This data can be used to optimize routes, reduce idle time, and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved project timelines for your construction business.

4) Improves Performance and Policies

Additionally, dash cam footage can be an invaluable tool for driver training and performance assessment. Safer driving practices not only reduce accidents but also lead to lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Moreover, dash cams can ensure your drivers comply with industry regulations and internal policies, enhancing your field service business’ reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious company.

5) Protects Your Assets

All of your equipment and supplies represent a significant investment. Dash cams can be carefully positioned to monitor deliveries while they are being transported and on the construction site, preventing misuse, unauthorized usage, and even theft.

Fleet Management Dash Cams For As Low As $4/Month.

BlackboxMyCar cares not just for your vehicles, but for your entire business operations. That’s why we offer dash cams that can capture higher quality videos, withstand harsh environments, provide 24/7 protection, & lower cost over time – all combined for your total peace of mind.

Talk to us about equipping your fleet of vehicles for as low as $4/month today.

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Why Choose BlackboxMyCar Dash Cams for Your Fleet?

At BlackboxMyCar, we truly understand the unique needs of auto dealerships. Our dash cam solutions are tailored to provide maximum benefits for your fleet, through world-renowned dash cam brands, affordable packages, and dedicated aftersales support!

No Subscriptions. No Forced Contracts.

Nobody loves subscriptions, nor the annoying monthly charges and forced commitments which lock you in place. While other fleet tracking services offer dash cam units and services separately, BlackboxMyCar makes its dash cam and fleet tracking technology available in a one-time purchase. No subscriptions. No contracts.

Built for harsh conditions. Best for the long haul and daily driving.

Fleet vehicles work day and night, rain or shine. BlackboxMyCar dash cams are operated with supercapacitors that can withstand low and high temperatures that lithium-ion batteries cannot.

Crisp Videos. Wider Coverage. Credible and Stronger Evidence.

BlackboxMyCar dash cams have, double the capacity of its fleet tracking competitors. With world-leading image sensor technology, the Sony STARVIS-powered dash cams record up to 60 frames per second, with resolutions up to 4k, giving smoother videos resulting in more reliable evidence on-road incidents.  

Available in front, front-and-rear, front-and-interior, and front-interior-rear camera configurations, BlackboxMyCar dash cams offer more flexibility in capturing the journey. Beyond the road, you can easily track the traffic behind, and your driver and passenger behaviour with up to three-channel dash cam configurations.

24/7 Monitoring with Parking Mode Recording.

Other brands can only detect harsh braking and impact while the dash cam is in use. With BlackboxMyCar dash cams, you get instantly notified when motion or impact is detected, even when the vehicle is turned off and unattended. What happened before and after the incident also gets automatically uploaded to the Cloud storage, allowing you to see the full scene for driving analysis.

Our Past Clients.

Justice Institute of BC sponsored JIBC with full HD dash cams as an educational tool to assist police officers and ambulance drivers with their vehicular training, creating a safer community in British Columbia.

Toyota & Scion sponsored the annual Scion City Hunt to capture exciting footage of the event as teams dashed around the city taking part in scavenging, searching, trivia, and purchase challenges.

Korean Government

BlackboxMyCar was invited and sponsored by the Korea government to meet with major technology companies in Korea. Alex was able to visit 3 major cities and meet 13 different companies.

Northbridge Insurance

For the first time in North American insurance history, Northbridge Insurance Company in Toronto has partnered with to promote the use of dash cams to ensure road safety.

Federated Insurance

BlackboxMyCar has entered into a partnership with Federated Insurance to promote dash cam use and road safety. Federated customers are also able to receive discounted prices on our dash cams.


Alberta RCMP cruisers are equipped with dash cams from BlackboxMyCar to protect their officers and to provide irrefutable video evidence in the event of an accident and emergencies.


The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) uses our dash cams as a silent witness to keep Canada safe and secure, and as a second eye in screening all individuals entering the country.

Japanese Consulate

All Japanese Consulate vehicles are equipped with our dash cams to provide an extra level of safety and security so that they can have video evidence at all times even when the vehicle is turned off.

Success Story: Kintec

BlackboxMyCar collaborated with Kintec to integrate BlackVue dash cams into their delivery fleet, enhancing safety for their Certified Canadian Pedorthists. These dash cams provide real-time tracking and objective incident evidence, aligning with Kintec's commitment to safety, quality, and improved service delivery.

With our vehicles on the road every business day across the Greater Vancouver region, it was critical for us to have a silent witness on-board at all time for both employee tracking and risk reduction in the event of an accident.

Andrew Ling, Director of Marketing at Kintec