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BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S 4K

Dash Cam Comparison Review

With the rise of unfortunate driving incidents everyday, having a dashcam is a must. And as a driver and car owner, you have to put your investment right and make sure that it’s worth your money, while giving you maximum assistance. It’s a plus if you can get a modern 4K dash cam with more convenience features. After all, it’s your satisfaction, time and security that we’re putting on top here.

In this review, we will take a look at the features of the BlackVue DR970X-2CH and the 70mai A800S 4K UHD dash cams to see the perks and disadvantages of getting a budget, or a premium dash cam for your daily drives.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S Video Resolution and Recording

Recording in 4K is four times more detailed than recording in Full HD 1080p - and the 2023 BlackVue DR970X-2CH can guarantee you this. With its 4K UHD video resolution and 8MP Sony STARVIS sensor on the front (and 2.1MP on the rear), you can record high-quality footage and even zooming in results in no video blur or distortion through its 155-degree field of view - so more lane coverage for you!

If you would compare the DR970X-2CH to previous 4K BlackVue models like the DR900X Plus and DR900X, you would notice that the image quality is clearer and more enhanced. This is because of BlackVue’s latest upgrade to the DR970X - a SigmaStar CPU with ISP tuning software that promotes better night vision, white balance, dynamic range, and video contrast in low-light conditions.

Meanwhile, the 70mai A800S which was released last 2021 also delivers 4K UHD - thanks to its 8MP Sony STARVIS sensors for its front. Like the DR970X, the A800S also uses a SigmaStar CPU, but video quality is still not as stellar as BlackVue as the 70mai doesn’t have ISP tuning, and is not fully Sony STARVIS equipped, especially for its rear camera.

Sample Video 70mai Dash Cam A800s Rear Camera RC06 with Full HD 1080p Quality

BlackVue DR9790X-2CH 4K UHD Dash Cam Sample Footage

Also, if you want to record in dual-channel mode, you have to purchase a separate 70mai RC06 camera which is equipped with a Galaxycore GC2053 CMOS sensor that’s not best in terms of video resolution. Field of view is also narrower to the DR970X, as it only offers 140-degrees. We think that the rear camera is really lacking as it can only capture 105-degrees, unlike the BlackVue’s rear camera that’s capable of covering up to 139-degrees.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S Design

Xiaomi 70mai is popular for its small dash cams, but the A800S is larger than other 70mai cameras like the A800, measuring 89 mm in width and 36 mm in height. It is wedge-shaped and has a 3-inch screen for video playback.

On the other hand, the DR970X-2CH has a tubular design and is slightly larger than the A800S, with the same form factor as the DR750X and DR900X at 118.5 mm width and 36 mm height.

For the DR970X, and other BlackVue dash cams, you also have the option to add a CPL filter to reduce glares on your footage. Another accessory you can add is a BlackVue tamper proof case which prevents formatting or removal of the SD card, unplugging of power or coaxial cables, and removal of the dash cam from the mount.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH

70mai A800s

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S: Parking Mode

The A800's built-in G-sensor can detect sudden shakes or collisions while your car is stationary and will automatically begin recording to capture any potential incidents - standard in dash cams with parking mode. If an emergency video is captured, the dash cam will alert you via voice alert when it is turned back on. For other recording modes, this 70mai dash cam also has Time Lapse recording. Do note that before you can get this working on your car, you have to purchase another separate 70mai hardwire kit which costs $19.99 in Amazon.

If you want to activate parking surveillance with the BlackVue DR970X, you no longer have to worry about purchasing an additional hardwiring kit, as it is already included in every BlackVue DR970X and DR770X packages. In addition to Normal and Continuous driving modes, the BlackVue DR970X 2-CH provides innovative parking mode solutions such as Motion and Impact Detection mode, Time Lapse, and Buffered Recording. Buffered recording is crucial as it also records and saves events before and after the impact, providing your car with which can provide 24/7 hour security from the front to the rear bumper.

The DR970X-2CH also includes built-in voltage monitoring, which allows your camera device to be hardwired to your vehicle's fuse box while protecting the battery from depletion. If you want to extend the duration of your parking mode, we recommend the BlackVue B130X Ultra Magic Battery Pack or the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack. 

BlackVue DR970X-2CH

70mai A800s

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs 70mai A800S: File Storage and Video Playback

While both dash cams are equipped with loop recording, the 70mai A800S has a lower maximum storage space of up to only 128GB. BlackVue on the other hand can support up to 256GB, and even has a 64GB microSD card inclusion for every purchase, which again, you have to buy separately if you’re getting the A800S.

If you want to play videos for the 70mai, you can refer to its little tiny screen or download the 70mai phone app. This can also be done in the BlackVue app that just recently had a revamp, making it one of the best and most innovative dedicated mobile applications for dash cams in the market.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S Built-in Connectivity and App

Now, if you need to connect to your app with both dash cams, it should be easy, as both the DR970X and the A800S are equipped with WiFi. Need help in tracking your location? Built-in GPS comes in as well. However, the A800S lacks Bluetooth, which the DR970X is equipped with for more seamless pairing.

While there is a DR970X-2CH LTE variant which has built-in 4G LTE connectivity, the DR970X can also function as an internet-enabled dash cam, through the use of the CM100G LTE module. This is one of BlackVue’s notable features, which makes it convenient to connect to what we consider the dash cam industry’s best Cloud service - the BlackVue Cloud.

The 70mai A800S is not Cloud enabled, but to be fair, this platform can also do wonders. Aside from changing the setting, downloading and sharing footage on social media, 70mai also claims that their app can view your driving route and speed once you finish a trip. However, they also disclosed that routes can only be synchronized when you are in your car. Therefore, you cannot track the location of your car remotely, which is not ideal if you let someone drive your car, or when you are installing this dash cam for fleet or ride sharing vehicles.

Now, this is the time where the BlackVue DR970X stands out, as it is capable of connecting to the ever-reliable BlackVue Cloud. The BlackVue Cloud is a free add-on service for BlackVue users that includes Alert Push Notifications, Remote Live View, Video Backup or Auto Upload, Two-Way Communication, Remote Video Playback, and Live Event Upload - basically everything you need to have that peace of mind whether you're leaving your car in an unfamiliar location, want to see what's going on in your vehicle when you asked someone else to drive it, or simply want to make sure that your vehicles, and video recordings safe and accessible.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH

70mai A800s

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S Reliability and Weather Resistance

One of the reasons why dash cams crash is because of temperature tolerance. You’re driving the car all year round, so that means you can experience harsh weather conditions from extreme heat to the coldest of winter.

The A800S can only operate in temperatures ranging from -10°- 60°C (14° - 140°F) so it’s not something we can recommend if you’re living in warmer regions. And here comes the catch - if you do live in a warm region, don’t expect your dash cam to last for long, as the 70mai A800S is built with a lithium battery like old dash cams that can’t withstand heat.

The BlackVue DR970X-2CH, on the other hand, is equipped with a supercapacitor and can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 °F to 158 °F (-20 °C to 70 °C), giving you greater protection against all types of weather. With the unpredictable weather changes that occur throughout the year, ensuring that your dash cam can withstand the external elements is also a precaution.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S Pricing

The 70mai A800S is two years older than the DR970X, so it is priced lower and is available at $139.99. While 70mai has been around for a while, there are a lot of reliability issues which customers encounter, which we are not really surprised since its a budget dash cam.

BlackVue is a premium brand, and the reliability is something that you can’t question. If you’re going to purchase the DR970X-2CH, it’s priced at $469. However, aside from the premium Cloud features, guaranteed reliability, advanced parking modes, and other features that protects your car, you also get the extras included in the package - such as the rear camera, a micro SD card, plus a hardwiring kit.

Verdict: BlackVue DR970X-2CH vs. 70mai A800S 4K Dash Cam - Which one should you get?

Getting a 4K dash cam means you don’t want to settle for full HD, which means you don’t want to settle for less. While the 70mai A800S can do the job of recording footage for you, its quality is inferior compared to BlackVue - for all possible reasons, except for the price.

Sure, the 70mai is a low-cost dash cam, and we’re not wondering anymore as it is more outdated, lacks connectivity features, doesn’t offer buffered recording for parking mode, and is built with a lithium battery that’s totally dangerous and risky for overheating. If you don’t have much budget for a BlackVue, but still want a 4K dash cam, we recommend you to get the more cost effective VIOFO A139 Pro instead.

While the BlackVue DR970X-2CH is priced higher, do note that you no longer have to purchase the accessories you need separately. Sony STARVIS rear camera, micro SD, hardwiring kit, plus BlackVue Cloud accessibility? They all come handy! More importantly, it provides you with the industry’s best features that are designed to be fully-functional, even for long-term uses.


BlackVue DR970X-2CH

70mai A800S

Video Resolution

4K UHD @ 30FPS | 1080p Full HD @ 30FPS

4K UHD @ 30FPS | 1080p Full HD @ 30FPS

Image Sensor

8MP Sony STARVIS | 2MP Sony STARVIS sensors

8MP Sony STARVIS | 2MP Galaxyscore sensors

Field of View

155° | 139°

140° | 105°




Parking Mode


Yes, Non-buffered




Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

10°- 60°C (14° - 140°F)

Loop Recording



Max SD Card



LCD Screen









Cloud Connectivity











Lithium Ion

Country of Origin

South Korea


Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Get the BlackVue DR970X-2CH Dash Cam today!

4K video resolution, advanced parking modes, cutting-edge Cloud features, and weather protection - enjoy them all with the BlackVue DR970X-2CH! Want to get the best deals and dash cam experience? Shop our freshest Signature Bundles now available here at BlackBoxMyCar!