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Tailgating Tips: How to Make the Party Fun and Safe for All this 2024 - - BlackboxMyCar

Tailgating Tips: How to Make the Party Fun and Safe for All this 2024

And the Chiefs take it all!!! The OT thriller this year was a sight to behold.

Ready for the roaring crowds, sizzling grills, overflowing beers and cheers?
Tailgate parties have been a popular tradition for North Americans, bringing friends and families together before the game. As we all set up for this year’s Tailgating Season, check out these BlackboxMyCar’s tips and tricks to make your 2024 Tailgate Party not only fun, but also safe and memorable for everyone! Let’s kick it off!

1. Arrive Early, Spot-On

First, your tailgate adventure starts by seizing the perfect parking spot, so you better arrive early. This gives you a bigger chance to secure a prime location for your tailgate party – better space, better view, and better experience! If you plan on cooking or grilling at the tailgate, choose a spot with enough space to set up your grill. Being close to restroom facilities and trash disposal areas can also be convenient. Just imagine others drifting over to you as you sizzle up something special!

2. Great Eats, and Have Seats

Beyond the game day, grills, and delicious meals are another main event! Have designated areas where you, your friends, and your family can eat and mingle. Through this, you prevent the possibility of mishaps brought on by people pacing around holding hot food and beverages. We also recommend bringing collapsible tables, cozy chairs, and reused tableware. Don’t forget the trash bags, too!

3. Sip Responsibly

Of course, the party won’t be complete without the beer mugs, red cups and flowing alcohol! Still, it is important for every guest – especially those who are in charge behind the wheel – to drink responsibly. After the party, designate a sober driver, or use secure ridesharing services. Remember, responsible drinking not only reduces the risk of accidents – it also creates a positive atmosphere, where everyone can score high on fun!

4. Time-Out! What’s your Theme?

Why not choose a specific theme if you want to add more fun to your tailgate party? Whether it be a favourite movie or series, or your sports team colours, having a theme not only shows how proud you are of the team you are rooting for, but also makes the photos look more exciting and memorable! So, are you wearing red like the Chiefs, or white like the 49ers?

5. Get a Dash Cam Defence

Lastly, adding a trustworthy dash cam to your tailgate party can maximize your fun and safety. Accidents can occur in crowded parking lots, particularly during high-energy events such as tailgate parties. While enjoying the tailgate festivities, your dash cam can also act as a security tool by continuously recording the surrounding area.

Moreover, if you leave valuables in your vehicle, a dashcam can also act as your additional layer of security, recording footage that can aid authorities through dash cam’s built-in parking mode. You can relax and enjoy the event, instead of being wary of others, knowing a dash cam has your back.

Having a dash camera installed in your vehicle can verify what happened, and help resolve any disagreements, providing you with factual evidence. These moments are once-in-a-lifetime, and having a silent witness to capture anything out of the norm can be a lifesaver, be it the amusing excitement of other fans, or the reckless fallout of the losing team.

6. Offer Easy Wi-Fi For All!

If you want to watch the game, you’ll need a stable wifi connection and high definition! Offering a wifi source in your vehicle is a great way to stay connected. Beyond that, modern cloud dash cameras like the BlackVue DR970X-LTE Plus can even be a hotspot for additional connections, protecting your vehicle and providing wifi, all-in-one!

7. Put Your Game Face On

Aside from having a theme, you can create your own team and games! You can play classic games like cornhole, ladder toss, horseshoe games, and gigantic Jenga to keep yourself and your guests of all ages entertained! Just be mindful, especially of the kids, and bring a first aid kit in case there are minor physical incidents.

8. Connect and Play Music like a Champ

It’s a party, so feel free to vibe with your favourite jams! You can bring separate Bluetooth speakers, but if you find them bulky, you can use your car’s Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Bluetooth system too. Simply connect it to your phone to access downloaded Music or Spotify. If your vehicle is not equipped with these accessories, we recommend you use the BlackboxMyCar SmartDrive Display. Learn more about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto here!

9. Follow the Rules

Don’t let the referee come to you! To make the party fun and smooth sailing, know the rules beforehand. Some venues may have specific rules regarding open flames, amplified music, or the use of certain equipment. We recommend you stay informed to avoid any unexpected penalties and disruptions during your tailgate party.

Dash Cams aren’t only able to be your silent witness, but can also handily store a full record of the festivities, allowing you to easily replay and share high-octane moments, from everyone celebrating the winning goal, to that crazy shot in beer pong. Easily share footage in moments too, with built-in wifi.  

From your trip to and from the event, dash cams can give you important documentation – for evidence or for cherishing memories. Pre-game festivities to post-game celebrations? Recording your entire tailgate experience can be a timeless way to relive the fun and share it with your families and friends!

Wherever you are watching, whether in the stadium, sports bars, your homes, or in your cars, what really matters is that you, your friends and families truly enjoy what the B mes have to offer. Cheer for the Chiefs, may they keep us on the edge of our seats as they defend their title.

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