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Driver Captures Rough Sideswipe Hit-and-Run Shortly After Installing Dash Cam - - BlackboxMyCar

Driver Captures Rough Sideswipe Hit-and-Run Shortly After Installing Dash Cam

We've received another fresh report from a BlackboxMyCar customer who had a VIOFO A229 Duo installed in our Richmond Office, just in September. Uploaded on his YouTube channel, his front dash cam witnessed a crash between Honda Coupe a Hyundai Sedan, and a Mercedes that almost hit his 2018 Nissan Leaf.

What the Dash Cam Saw

It was October 2, 2023, when a possibly catastrophic collision happened at the intersection of Knight St and 49th Avenue in Vancouver, BC.

The dash cam owner, Andy Rose, vividly described the incident: “We were westbound on 49th, stopped at the light. The grey Honda northbound on Knight, clearly running the red light, struck the white Hyundai and knocked it into the black van next to us.” 

In this terrifying situation, Rose emphasized the fortunate incident that saved their vehicle: "If the black van had not pulled slightly ahead of us, we would have probably been hit as well."

He made it clear that their car was unharmed, but the same could not be said for the other 3 vehicles involved in the collision.

While the final determination is up to the police, Rose said that they did not observe the grey Honda responsible for the collision to stop and remain at the scene, a classic hit and run.

We want to commend Rose for his exemplary civic responsibility, especially when he sent the footage to ICBC, hoping that it would aid the police in their investigation, and that the 19-second dash cam footage recorded by the VIOFO A229 Duo would be a reliable witness and evidence to this careless incident.

Through the VIOFO A229 Duo, the convenience of reviewing the incident through a mobile app in 2K QHD video resolution, and even slowing down the video frame by frame allowed them to approximate the license plates of all the vehicles involved.

Rose went on to say, “If this was a hit-and-run, as it appeared to be, I certainly hope the police were able to use our video in their investigation. This is why I commented that the dash cam already proved its value, less than a month after we bought it.”

The Moment When Rose Decided to Get a Dash Cam

Interestingly, Rose's decision to visit BlackboxMyCar and install the VIOFO A229 Pro Duo was not based simply on this incident. He recalled an earlier road mishap that spurred their proactive attitude to road safety.

"An incident a few weeks earlier had prompted us to buy the dash cam. We were driving north on U.S. I-5 around Tacoma and found ourselves behind a flatbed truck."

Rose shared that a piece of lumber fell from the truck. “Fortunately, we didn't crash. With a tire losing air fast, we managed to get off the busy highway safely. Two wheels on our car were damaged and had to be replaced before we could get on the road again.”

He continued, “It was very frustrating that we couldn't provide a license plate to ID the truck with the unsafe load, which caused about $1,000 damage to our car. Then and there, we resolved to get a dash cam as soon as we got home to Vancouver.”

Incidents on the rise

This isn't the only recent incident we've seen! Just a few weeks back, we recently featured one of our customers, Daniel Yoo, who encountered vandalism on his BMW i8 in Downtown Vancouver. Thanks to the Thinkware Q1000 we installed in his car, he was able to provide evidence to ICBC, saving him up to $10,000 worth of damages. Read his full story here.

Stay Safe out there, with a Dash Cam

With this real-life story, a need to invest in a reliable dash cam for the protection and security of both you and your fellow drivers. While the open road continues to bring unexpected incidents – from vandalism to road rage, thousands of car crashes, and hit-and-runs, a dash cam serves not only as a truth-teller but also as a saviour for costs, inconvenience, and most importantly, your time and safety.

Don’t be a statistic. Get yourself a dash cam here today.

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