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BlackboxMyCar | Dash Cam Installation: 2022 Bentley Bentayga x BlackVue DR750X-3CH - - BlackboxMyCar

BlackboxMyCar | Dash Cam Installation: 2022 Bentley Bentayga x BlackVue DR750X-3CH

In this installation photo blog, we will run through the process of installing the three channel BlackVue DR750X 3CH Plus dash cam into a Bentley Bentayga.

The Installation

The BlackVue DR750X 3CH Plus is a triple-channel dash cam - it comes with 3 cameras so, understandably, the installation will take a bit longer than the typical 2-channel system. Plus, with such a sophisticated infotainment system and smart features, our first priority was proper testing to ensure the vehicle’s power has been completely shut off and to ensure the fuse slot is used. Unfortunately, some vehicles have a computer that can take a while to sleep after the car is powered off, some even up to an hour. The problem with rushing the installation is you might not be able to find the right fuse slot, and thus cannot properly activate certain functions of the camera, such as parking mode.

Once the car’s power was confirmed switched off, our installer began by locating the fuse box in this Bentayga, which is located behind a kick panel on the driver’s side, underneath the dash. We found an empty fuse to hardwire the camera into after carefully making sure it was the best fuse to use without compromising the vehicle’s other functions.

Next, we took down the overhead console to send rear camera connecting wires (or the coaxial cable) through the top. He had to drop a part of the top liner to sneak the wires through and all the way to the back of the vehicle - because:

  1. The coaxial cable now runs alongside the factory wiring - what’s good for the manufacturer is good for us, too!
  2. Running the coaxial cable down the side of the car would require the unnecessary removal of the many panels.
  3. Blackvue cameras generally give you cables that are long enough to reach the rear camera. However, the Bentayga is essentially an oversized hatchback, so the stock cables may not be long enough to reach the back of the car if you are running the coaxial cable down the side of the car.

Therefore, running cables through the top liner makes it easier to reach the back, as it is shorter. In addition, running through the top also causes less electrical interference.

The interior IR camera was mounted on the overhead console, right above the rearview mirror to ensure the best in-cabin coverage. Note that because the interior camera comes as a separate camera unit, you can literally mount the interior camera anywhere inside your vehicle - as long as the connecting cable is long enough.

Installation Notes and Tips:

  • For the sake of safety and to avoid any malfunctioning (and exorbitant repair bills), make sure you understand your vehicle, the fuse panel and the different fuses and sensors before you start installing your dash cams and handling wires.
  • When picking a fuse to wire the dash cam to, pick one that does not interfere with the car’s functions (computer, airbags, traction control, etc.).
  • No power in an empty fuse spot? Not all empty spots are free to use. Some empty spots could share the same circuit with the car’s computer or other safety functions and should be left untouched.
  • Because the glass fuse that comes with the dash cam’s wires are harder to replace, our installers like to replace those with an automobile-type fuse right out of the box. This way, if ever the fuse blows, you can easily replace the fuse in any mechanic shop.
  • Avoid running wires around airbags. The last thing you want to see happen is a delay in the deployment of the airbags because the dash cam cable is in the way.
  • If possible, run the dash cam’s cables down the passenger's side, so that it won’t get in the driver’s way. Watch out for gaps that could potentially be for airbags.

If you’re planning to install a dash cam in your car, check out our Step-by-Step Dash Cam Installation Guide and our selection of installation accessories. If you ever need assistance, give us a call to talk to our dash cam specialists today!

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