What is Parking Mode by Motion Detection?

What is Parking Mode?

Many dash cams come standard with a parking mode. By hardwiring the dash cam to your vehicle, the dash cam would be able to act as a CCTV when the vehicle ignition is turned off. Equipped with motion-detection technologies, the parking mode conserves energy by only turning on when motion is detected in the vicinity. A prime example of how parking mode can be useful is shown in the video below. In the video, a hit and "stay" occurred in which the person hit our car and simply walked off. Thanks to the parking mode feature, we were able to resolve our problem fairly quickly.

Note: Only certain dash cameras offer Parking Mode by Motion Detection. Most Korean dash cams are integrated with this feature. All Thinkware, BlackVue, and BlackSys dash cameras are equipped with Parking Mode by Motion Detection.

Benefits of Parking Mode

Why do we need Parking Mode? Here is a video that our customer provided us that shows a real life example of how the Parking Mode can save you money and keep you safe! This is what he had to say: "This happened to my vehicle while I was out for lunch. Because of this video, I saved $300 in deductibles and the Lexus driver was 100% at fault. I was using BlackVue DR550GW-2CH WiFi at the moment."

More recently, this customer of ours was having his car vandalized constantly. After investing in an F770 + Cellink battery setup, they found the culprit red-handed! It turned out to be an ex-boyfriend of our customer's girlfriend. The damages caused in the incident would have costed our customer over $3000 from their pocket, had they not have caught him in the act.

Our favourite parking mode dash cams are: Thinkware F770, BlackSys CH-100B, and Thinkware F50.
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